Bolde.com is a platform for single women to express themselves about dating & relationships.  Our editorial mission is to inspire open and uninhibited conversation about what it’s like to be single and dating today, how to lead fulfilling lives as single women (because a partner is NOT a requirement for an amazing life), and how to have the healthiest and most satisfying relationships. We are not one person with an agenda but a platform for hundreds of amazing, brilliant and opinionated writers to share their perspectives on a variety of topics.

We take a very honest approach to everything we cover. Not only do we give our writers permission to speak candidly about their dating experiences but we encourage them to express differing, provocative, and even politically incorrect perspectives on sex, courtship, commitment, and relationship power dynamics. We think it’s impossible to do meaningful content about dating & relationships without giving this kind of license.

Our honest approach to an area where few publishers are willing to take risks is the reason we’ve grown so fast and have such a loyal audience. But it also leaves us open to criticism and we do occasionally receive a message from someone who thinks our content is either sexist or anti-feminist on one hand or too radically feminist or man-hating on the other. While we welcome all feedback, we respectfully disagree: we offer a platform for our contributors and readers to honestly engage with each other about topics that don’t have right or wrong answers, and we believe that’s an important mission that serves women’s interests. In our view, feminism is all about having the freedom to think, say, and feel what you believe without having to deal with the judgment of men and society, or of women who believe they are somehow more progressive or feminist than the next woman.

We will continue publishing content that helps our readers identify what they want and need as single women and as partners, and we hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from our efforts. If you have any feedback you’d like to share, please email us!