Why The Best Girls Always End Up With The Biggest A**holes

Sure, by now we should know better than to keep falling for the same types of guys who will leave us heartbroken and totally jaded. But it’s a difficult cycle to break because:

We don’t realize how much we deserve. Because we’re not in touch with how amazing we are, we let our standards fall.

We assume they’re being honest with us. We tell them the truth so we assume they’re giving us the same treatment. We never see the cheaters coming — because we’re decent, we think the guy we’re dating is decent.

We’re too nice. We don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. If a man asks us out, we’ll give him a chance, and if he asks for a second chance, we’ll give him that, too. A**holes are the pushiest people around, which is why they’re the hardest to say “no” to.

We believe that people can change. After you screw up, we’ll give you the opportunity to make things right, even if you don’t deserve it. We genuinely believe that people can change, which is why we waste way so much time in a relationship that’s going nowhere.

A**holes initially look the most appealing. We’re super sweet and fun to be around, which is why we have plenty of options. Of course, a**holes are confident and flirty, which is why they’re the ones we gravitate towards. It’s not until later that we find out how sketchy they really are.

We see the best in others. Even if a guy has a million undesirable traits, we’ll focus on the one good thing about him. It’s why we get along with everyone we meet, but it’s also why we get screwed over.

They think they can take advantage of us. A**holes love to go after nice girls like us because they think that we’ll let them walk all over us. They want to do whatever they want without getting punished for it, which is why we’re the perfect target.

We overestimate how much we can handle. We know how tough we are, so we assume we can handle a rough relationship. Of course, even the strongest women can be torn apart by a guy.

We like the excitement. Truth be told, our lives are pretty boring. That’s why some of us secretly like the drama that comes with dating an a**hole. It gives us something to complain about.

We don’t realize how good men can be. We’ve dealt with so many a**holes throughout our lives that we think they’re all that’s out there. We don’t realize that there are genuinely good guys in the world that would treat us the way we deserve. That’s why the cycle continues and we date a**hole after a**hole.

We hate to say goodbye. Most men aren’t a**holes at first, and by the time their true colors start coming out, we’re already attached. It’s hard to break up with them when we’ve already pictured a future together. That’s how they trap us.

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