Hook Up With These Types Of Guys If You Want, But NEVER Make Them Your Boyfriend

Some guys are like glamorous high heels: you like to wear them for special occasions but know that they’d be pretty uncomfortable if you had them on every day. These types of guys are great for hooking up with, but if you’re looking for something more long-term, do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.

The bad boy. He’s dark, a bit mysterious, and often very good looking. You’re guaranteed hot sex, too, because bad boys tend to be so confident and like taking risks. In the long-term, however, all that mystery can actually translate into secrets and lies, so you’re better off without them. Plus, his rebellious streak eventually becomes more of a sign of immaturity and stubbornness than anything else. Not hot.

The fun-loving free spirit. In such stressful times, the fun-loving guy who lives for the present time and doesn’t concern himself with the future can be really refreshing. He’s also sexy AF, but only for a week or so. If you had to date him seriously, his relaxed attitude to everything and “just chill” advice would drive you up the wall.

The selfie king. A guy who likes to take lots of selfies tends to be hot and get a lot of attention online for his pics — why else would he take so many? The fact that he’s handsome makes him attractive and touchable, but after some getting to know what he’s really about, he comes out looking vain, insecure and annoying.

The much younger guy. He’s toned and handsome, plus a bit boyish which makes him charming. You might not be able to have a relationship with the much younger guy because you’re in different stages of your lives, but hey, why not enjoy the physical connection?

The charming nice guy. He knows how to flatter you, make you feel special, and give you a sexy smile that makes your legs weak. Plus, he’s genuinely nice and down-to-earth. This can take an average-looking guy and make him really attractive. While on paper he makes a great boyfriend, before you turn that one-night-stand into a relationship, bear in mind that nice guys tend to lack assertiveness. In addition, you can’t help but think that they have a hidden agenda because they’re so super accommodating.

The commitment-phobe. Commitment issues don’t stop guys from getting out there and hitting the dating scene. It could be because they know how to pretend they don’t fear commitment, but don’t stick around for longer than a hookup. You seriously won’t be able to change him into a guy who’s after a long-term situation, and you’ll just end up washing down that orgasm with a broken heart.

The overly buff guy. Muscular guys — think Channing Tatum in ‘Magic Mike’ — can be hot as hell, but research insists that they’re only good for a bit of fun. A British study found that the more muscular the man, the more outdated his ideas were about women. Can you say chauvinist? Hmm, doesn’t sound like the kind of guy you’d like to be in a long-term relationship with. So if you’re getting it on with the buff bartender, make sure you leave your heart at home.

The backseat guy. If you’re looking for a fling, the guy who lets you take the lead can be liberating and exciting. You get to initiate contact and organize plans, and perhaps even take the lead in the bedroom. Sexy, but in the long run, this becomes annoying because you’ll want him to step up to the plate and make an effort to impress you.

The ridiculously attractive idiot. In a long-term relationship, you want a mental connection and great conversation. If the guy you’ve met is handsome but doesn’t have much going on upstairs, then there’s no harm in appreciating his skills, like how he can turn women’s heads in his direction when he enters a room or those skills he flaunts in the bedroom.

Your complete oppositeYou and the guy you’re crushing on have absolutely nothing in common and perhaps you even argue a lot. Yes, there might be passion lurking underneath, or perhaps you’re both intrigued about hooking up with someone who’s really, really wrong for you both. But don’t hope that the “opposites attract” thing applies to relationships, because it tends to be nothing more than a cause for conflict.

The life of the party. He’s always having fun and making people feel good, so you can’t help but get caught in his web of good energy and enthusiasm. But dating him for longer than a hookup can cause you to see that Mr Life Of The Party is really just a guy who loves attention, which doesn’t make for great boyfriend material.

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