I Played A Player Just To Show Him How It Felt

There was a guy who made his way through a few of my friends breaking hearts and not giving a damn about the damage he left behind. I was their shoulder to cry on but I wanted to do more. I wanted him to face the consequences of being a player, so I played him just to show him how it felt.

What goes around comes around. Karma can be a real bitch. If he was treating others the way he wanted to be treated, I decided I should give him just that. He might have thought that life would never catch up with him but I wanted to make sure it did, so I took matters into my own hands. Some might call it revenge but I call it giving him exactly what he deserved.

I wanted to teach him a lesson. He didn’t care about the pain he was causing women until it happened to him. He needed to be on the other end of the exact crap he kept putting women through. I don’t think he would have ever felt remorseful if I hadn’t stepped in. My friends may not have gotten love from all this, but at the very least they got an apology.

I wanted him to know what it was like to want something you can’t have. Unrequited love is painful and he needed to understand that. He kept making girls fall in love with him and even made them think he was falling back when really, he was just playing with their hearts. When I did that to him, he finally knew what it was like to not always get what you want and even worse, to feel betrayed by someone you loved.

Sometimes people have to get their hearts broken to take love seriously. That’s what he needed. He was never going to realize how much he was truly hurting the women who fell for him until he walked a mile in their shoes. Love isn’t all fun and games, not when hearts are on the line. Hopefully, now he’ll be able to actually fall in love rather than purely causing needless heartbreak.

It was time for him to grow up. He clearly wasn’t maturing on his own, so I felt that someone needed to give him a little extra help. He was still playing the game of love a with a high school-level of maturity. He had no guilt and from what I saw, he was never going to change unless someone intervened. Before, he was just an immature little boy breaking hearts without a care in the world, but after me, he finally matured to the point where he realized that our actions have real consequences.

I wanted to save other women from his mind games. If I can prevent even just one woman’s heartbreak then I feel like I did something bad for the greater good. If one person is seriously invested and the other is only pretending to be, someone is always going to get hurt, and it was finally his turn. He used to be the player but he finally got played.

He might hate me but he’s better because of it. I don’t care what he thinks of me. What I do care about is how what I did to him will affect his future choices in terms of love. He can hate me all he wants, but then he should take a good look in the mirror and start to reflect upon his own terrible behavior so he can make a change.

I showed him that men don’t rule the world. He used to think that he was totally irresistible but I proved that theory wrong. Now he has to live with the fact that he’s just a man who needs to get over himself. He kept walking away from women but I was finally the woman to leave him standing all alone. It was in that moment he realized that he wasn’t God’s gift to women.

I know he’ll think twice before leading a woman on moving forward. He tried going back to my friends and apologizing but it was too little, too late. Maybe he couldn’t get back in their good graces but hopefully he’ll treat women with the respect they deserve from now on. Now that he knows what it’s like to be played, he’ll be able to empathize with any of his potential victims.

I got to experience the other side of a player’s game and it taught me a lot. It showed me just how little a player has to care about someone, AKA not at all. In order to fully lead someone on with no intention of ever being with them despite knowing their affection for you, you have to have an utter lack of care and respect for them. At least this guy deserved what he got, but I still can’t help but be angry for all the women who do nothing to deserve being played but find it happening to them again and again.

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