Sometimes I’d Rather Just Have Sex With Myself

Sex with a guy I’m really into is great, but sometimes there’s really nothing better than having sex with myself. What’s not to love about spending time making yourself feel incredible? Even when I’m in a relationship, I always put time aside for masturbation — here’s why I love the act of loving myself so much:

I know exactly what I like. I could be in a relationship for decades, but my partner is never going to know what I want 100% of the time. He’d still know me *almost* as well as I know myself, but there are times when I just want to skip to what I need, no hoping or anticipation. It’s the sex I want every single time without fail.

I don’t have to worry about anyone else. Part of the fun of sex is getting off from knowing that you got someone else off. I get that. It’s a great feeling. Masturbation doesn’t give me that feeling, but I also don’t have the stress of wondering if someone else is enjoying it or not. I don’t have any awkward moments or insecurities; it’s just me and that takes all the stress away.

There’s no doubt I’ll have a great time. I can’t remember a single time where I didn’t have an amazing orgasm from masturbation. When I’m in the mood to suddenly to get off, I know I can deliver when I have sex with myself. There’s no disappointment when someone comes too soon. I get mine every time. What’s not to love?

I don’t have to get dressed up. The one thing I hate about sex with others is having to get all dressed up only to look like utter hell when I’m done. It’s a lot of work. Sometimes I just don’t feel like going through all the trouble. I could just relax in my PJs with my hair already a mess and enjoy myself. That sounds so much easier to me.

I can do it whenever I want. The problem with needing two people for sex is you have to wait until you’re both ready. Masturbation doesn’t work that way. I’m the only one involved, so I can do it whenever I feel like it without trying to seduce someone else. All fun and no work make me a very happy girl.

No freaking consequences! Do I really need a better reason? No pregnancy. No STDs. No regrets the next morning; no horrible, undercooked bacon from the guy trying to impress you. Want to know why men sometimes seem happier? They have sex with themselves all the time and never deal with consequences. I can’t fault the logic here.

I get as many orgasms as I want. I hate when I’m more than ready for Big O #2 or #3 or so on and so on, but all I get is one. It was great and all, but I’m covered in someone else’s sweat and only partially satisfied. I could just have sex with myself and have as many orgasms as I want in a row. It’s the perfect option for when I don’t want to have to worry about how good the sex will be with someone else.

I can just go to sleep afterward. Great sex makes me sleepy. It’s not just a guy thing. The only problem is most guys want to cuddle and talk afterward. While sweet, sometimes I just want to have sex, snuggle up, and go to sleep. I can talk before and after I wake up. When it’s just me, I get to do my thing and fall into a blissful slumber.

I’m just not into booty calls. Things might be different if I liked booty calls, but I’m just not into that. Call me old-fashioned, but I want sex to mean something. This means I’m not always going to have a partner on speed dial. That’s fine with me. I can do sex with myself faster than texting someone and waiting for them to come over. Besides, it’ll be a hell of a lot better than sex with someone I barely know or don’t like that much.

I get to escape into my own fantasy world. I think every woman has fantasies that she doesn’t tell anyone about. It’s still that stigma of seeming like a bad girl and scaring all the good guys away. When I’m by myself, I get to fantasize about whatever I want. I can be whatever kind of woman I want. It’s all safe and no one gets to judge me.

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