I’m Starting To Think I’m Not Right For You, But I Want You To Be Happy

I’m not a selfish person, especially when it comes to dating. I want to find the right man, yes, but I also want you to find the right girl. I’m starting to get the feeling that I’m not that girl for you. Just know that all I want is for you to be happy—even if it’s not with me.

I don’t want you to settle. You don’t deserve to settle for contentment. You deserve to know what it feels like to really love someone. That girl might not be me and if she isn’t, then don’t stay just because it’s comfortable. Just remember, if you’re settling for me then you’re also forcing me to settle for a life with a man who doesn’t truly love me. We both deserve better.

I care about your happiness. I wouldn’t really love you if I didn’t, and I do love you. As much as it will break my heart to watch you walk away, it would break my heart even more if you stayed. All I want is for you to be happy. If that means you’re with someone else then sure, that’s going to sting for a little while, but I’ll get over it as long as you’re truly happy.

I want to be with a man who has no doubts about loving me. If you’re constantly doubting whether or not your love me or if I’m “The One” then I’m going to be doubting it too. I want a relationship with a sense of security. I don’t want to be with a man where I have to wake up and wonder every day does he love me? Does he love me not?

We both deserve the best love has to offer. If there’s someone out there better for you, then there’s someone out there better for me too. We should both be looking for true love and nothing less. We’re both amazing people. The people who do scoop us up are going to be so lucky and we’ll be so lucky to have found the very best love has to offer, even if the best means we’re not together.

Your unhappiness is going to affect me. If you’re unhappy, it’s going to make me unhappy too. What kind of woman would want to be with a man who deep down doesn’t really want to be with her? I don’t want to stay in an unhappy and unhealthy relationship. I deserve a man that I bring joy and gives me just as much happiness in return. That’s the kind of love I really want.

You’re a great guy and you deserve true love. I won’t hate you if I’m not “the one.” You can’t force yourself to love me back. If we’re not meant to be then why should we try to change fate? We both need to accept that if this isn’t meant to be and if this relationship isn’t going to last forever, it’s better for us both to just move on.

No matter what, I’ll be okay. This might sound harsh, but I don’t need you to survive. I’ve been single before and I can definitely handle living the single life again. I’m not going to fall into depression if you break my heart. It will be hard to get over an amazing guy like you, but I can do it. I don’t need you. I don’t need any man, so stop worrying about me, and focus on you.

You’re not my last shot a true love. I know I’ll find the right guy for me someday. You don’t have to be him. If we’re not right for each other then so be it. I know there’s a guy out there who I’ll fit with seamlessly. You’re not my only shot at love, so don’t stay with me out of pity. I really don’t want it.

I don’t hate you. Don’t worry about how ending things is going to affect me. I can’t hate you just because you don’t love me the way I love you. That’s life, and sometimes love is unrequited. I’m a strong woman and I can handle it. I’d rather you break things off now than lead me to believe that we have a future that will never come to fruition. I might still love you, but even when I finally get over you, I won’t hate you. I never could.

In all honesty, I wish you the best. We tried and our relationship failed, but that doesn’t mean we have to part ways on bad terms. You’ve been good to me since the day we met. You never cheated, played mind games, or dragged me through any bullsh*t like so many other men would have. You’ve treated me well and I have nothing but good things to say about you, so even though we’re not ending this fairytale happily ever after, I still wish you the best and I truly hope that someday we both find our own happy endings.

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