Really small penises sometimes get mocked or laughed at, but there’s much more to them than meets the eye. Here are 16 interesting and surprising things you should know about micropenises before you make a judgment on that guy with the really small penis.

Sex isn’t only about penetration. First, let’s just get this truth out there: penis size doesn’t matter! The good news about having a partner with a small penis is that it shouldn’t stop you from experiencing great sexual pleasure. There are many different ways a man can please you and many different orgasms you can experience, such as an orgasm from oral sex. So is it really such a big deal if a man has a small penis or does it depend on how small it is?

How small are micropenises? Micropenises are an average of three inches when erect. They can be smaller when they’re flaccid. Good to know, right?

What causes them? It’s interesting to know how micropenises are formed. Apparently, it goes back to the womb, when the baby’s penis wasn’t able to grow after the first trimester of pregnancy. This is said to be caused by not enough levels of testosterone, the male sex hormone, being available in the womb.

Don’t worry—it isn’t linked to another medical condition. Men with micropenises just have small penises. That’s it. It’s not like their penises are linked to other medical health issues.

You probably won’t see them in d*ck picsMen who have micropenises might feel self-conscious about them, so they’re unlikely to send you d*ck pics. This is actually quite a good thing if you think of how many men want to show off their large penises. Ugh.

They make up for the lack of length. Micropenises have greater circumference than length, which actually might make them perfect for stimulating your clitoris.

They work the same. One of the things to realize is that there’s nothing wrong with a micropenis. It can still become erect and ejaculate as normal during sexual pleasure.

Penetration might be a struggle. For some men with micropenises, sexual penetration can be a bit difficult because they don’t have the length at their disposal. However, whether or not you have great sex with a partner who’s got a micropenis really depends on how you both approach the problem and find solutions for it. The key is to be open-minded about sex and sexual pleasure.

Men with micropenises are just like other men. A 2013 study found that 30 percent of men with average or above-average penises were still disappointed with their size. So there you have it! Are micropenises such a big deal? Maybe we’re making a bigger issue out of them than we should!

You definitely shouldn’t fake it. If you’re dating a guy with a really small penis, the worst thing you can do is tell him that it’s not that small or that you really love it. He knows you’re lying to make him feel better, and it might just make him feel worse.

They can affect fertility. Although a micropenis will work the same way as a larger penis, it’s good to know that some men with micropenises actually have a low sperm count. This can result in making them less able to impregnate women.

Men with small penises have lower self-esteem. Even though men with larger penises might also feel anxious about their size, research has found that men with micropenises tend to have lower self-esteem and might even suffer from depression. This is quite sad. Perhaps society and its focus on penis size is partly to blame here.

They can be treated. Micropenises can be treated—and no, not with penis-enlarging creams (we all know those don’t work). Instead, men with micropenises can undergo a surgery called phalloplasty which takes skin from the forearm, wraps it around the penis before a penis prosthesis is inserted so that the penis can become erect. This “modified” penis can then be a totally normal penis that can be used during intercourse. However, there can be surgery complications, such as problems with the urethra.

Masturbation can be tricky but it’s possible. Have you ever wondered how a man with a micropenis will be able to masturbate with his hand? Apparently such a thing as hands-free masturbation is a thing and it can be a good solution. It involves rubbing the micropenis against something that feels pleasurable, without the use of hands, and can bring him to climax.

There are ways around them. Whether or not the guy you’re dating wants to have surgery to increase his penis length, there are ways to work with a micropenis and it definitely doesn’t have to be a relationship deal-breaker for you. In fact, how the guy feels about it is really what matters and this is what will affect how you see it, too. Remember, technique and sexual creativity always trump size!

Micropenises are really rare. If you’re a tad nervous or uncomfortable about being with a partner who has a really small penis, don’t stress. Apparently only .06 percent of men have micropenises. As for the ones who do, give them a chance. They might be really good in bed and make amazing boyfriends!

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