10 Reasons An Amazing Kiss Is Way Better Than Sex

There’s nothing better than hot sex — well, almost nothing. An amazing makeout session can actually give counterpart a real run for its money. There’s something about an incredible make-out that sometimes even the best of sexual experiences can’t match.

Kissing is much more intimate than sex. When it comes to having sex, you can do it without having to really look each other in the eye. But when you’re kissing someone, there’s always that meeting of your gazes that makes things even hotter, even if you end up closing your eyes as you become more passionate.

There are more feelings involved. Having sex with someone can sometimes require no feeling at all, but to really kiss someone, there’s got to be something else there. It’s a sense of closeness that sex doesn’t always have because it’s not about getting off — it’s just an expression of adoration.

It makes you weak in the knees. This isn’t because you’re physically straining yourself, either. An amazing kiss can send this almost otherworldly sensation all throughout your body that isn’t just sexual, but also about the deepest of connections to another person.

It’s all about the anticipation. The nervousness and coyness that precedes a kiss is unmatched. Sex doesn’t have that because by the time you get to the act, you’re already certain it’s happening and you’re both humping each other like animals. The kiss before it is packed with suspense.

It’s so much more soulful. Sex at its core is primal and animalistic. Kissing, on the other hand, is something much more than that. It’s a sharing of breath and a meeting of the soul embodied through a physical act.

It makes you vulnerable. Being so emotionally driven, a hot kiss can be better than hot sex because of the vulnerability it brings with it. Being so close causes the person to really look at you pre- and post-kiss. You’re right there in front of them to see and that in itself makes a good kiss that much better.

It brings you and your partner closer together. Physically you’re closer together, but sharing in a really hot and intimate kiss is a great bonding experience too. The way you feel about someone almost always changes after you’ve swapped saliva.

It’s a different kind of connection. Not having any other physical sensations to rely on, a great kiss brings about a sense of soulful euphoria. Your bodies as a whole aren’t necessarily involved, but you feel it through your entire being in a way that cannot be ignored and that often times, sex just can’t match.

You can hold onto the feeling a lot longer. A mind-blowing kiss will stay in your head for days. Unlike sex, an amazing kiss will linger on your lips, recreating the emotions it left you with when you least expect it.

A great kiss can dissolve the whole world. When it comes to sex, there’s always room for the mind to wander, even if it’s good. An incredibly hot kiss leaves no room for any of that. The world around you disappears and from the moment leading up to the kiss and even after you part, it’s as if you and your partner are the only things in existence.

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