10 Reasons Sex Is Better When You’re In Love

There’s nothing wrong with casual hook-ups if that’s your thing, but sex with the person you’re in love with is hotter, more passionate, and all around better than any other experience you’ll have in the bedroom. Here’s why:

You trust each other. When you give yourself to someone you love, there’s a level of trust that you just can’t get during casual sex. Trust in the bedroom is important because you feel safe and secure when being vulnerable with each other.

Getting off is important to both of you. There’s no rush for one of you to get in, get off and get out of there. You’re concerned with making him feel just as good as he makes you feel, and vice versa. This makes for mutual pleasure that’s through the roof.

You’re not afraid to ask for what you want. Having an emotional connection with someone means that you aren’t scared to tell him what you like and how you want him to do it to you. Being able to open up will only make the experience better for both of you.

There’s a level of comfort you can’t have with casual sex. You’re comfortable with each other and neither of you are nervous about being naked in front of someone you barely know. That risk of being judged goes out the window when you know your partner already loves you.

You know each other’s bodies inside out. You know your way around his body and what makes him tick, and he could say the same about you. This makes the sex that much better because you’re both in tune with the what the other likes and where to touch each other to go wild.

There’s a good level of respect. Respect in the relationship carries over into the bedroom and you’re secure in the knowledge that he won’t take advantage of you. You respect each other’s boundaries and this makes for a passionate love affair you both can enjoy.

An emotional connection sparks more fire. Making love trumps every time because of how emotionally charged it is. Being able to stare deeply into his eyes while he enters you connects you in a way that’s inexplicable and unlike anything else.

It heightens the physical response. Scientifically speaking, sex releases chemicals in the brain that cause you to have feelings of closeness and pleasure. When you’re already emotionally connected outside of sex, this improves the physical connection because of its ability to act as a double release of those chemicals.

It gives sex meaning. Sex without love is just sex. On its own, it’s still good, but when you give it a sense of meaning, it’s that much better. You’re expressing your love for one another in the physical way and being able to do that with the person you deeply care about everywhere else in life is amazing.

The after-sex cuddling makes you feel truly loved. With casual sex, cuddling is usually off the table, but when you’re with someone you love or care about, it’s a necessity. This brings you even closer together and makes the overall sexual experience that much more meaningful.

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