10 Relationship Statuses Between “In a Relationship” and “Single”

Relationship status has become so much a part of our identity that Facebook has a dedicated tab to inform all our friends, family, and distant acquaintances we haven’t spoken to since grade school, of where we are love-wise. Assuming anyone who is close enough to you to care would already be aware of your current relationship status, what is the point of this social media feature? Just another symptom of our need to overshare the intimate details of our life, I guess. If you just can’t function until you define your status, here are a few options that exist in the grey area between “single” and “in a relationship”.

It’s complicated.

You two crazy kids just can’t seem to work out your issues and co-exist in harmony for longer than a few days at a time. This is the ultimate “ask me what’s wrong” FB relationship status update and is only used either in irony or by attention seeking over-sharers.

Friends with benefits.

You genuinely enjoy each other company, and sometimes you even spend time together fully clothed. The amazing sex without the commitment is just a bonus.

Hookup buddies.

You genuinely know nothing about each other besides how long it takes to get each other off. You communicate exclusively through drunken text messages and sex moans.

Seeing each other.

This is usually a promising step towards serious relationship status. You hang out regularly, but aren’t quite at the point of no return yet.

Actively looking.

Technically, you’re single. But every time you leave the house you’re on a serious man hunt, so it’s only a matter of time before you upgrade.

Unrequited infatuation.

You’re so “in love” with the object of your affection that you don’t even notice the other potentials passing you by left and right. And he either has no idea you exist, or he sees you as his little sister.

Open relationship.

This may be as serious a relationship status as you ever plan on committing to. Monogamy isn’t an ideal you strive for, and you love the simultaneous security and anticipation of being “in a relationship” and “on the market” at the same time. Can you say best of both worlds?


Or “endless texting” more like. He hasn’t asked you out, and you refuse to be the one to ask first. But there’s always a chance, right?

On a break.

Trouble in paradise here. All too often this is a trial period before the official break up. But make sure you’re both clear on the rules of being “on a break” or risk repeating Ross and Rachel’s mistakes.

Not quite exclusive.

You’re right there, but one of you is resisting. For commitment-phobes this is the danger zone, so keep an eye on the guy who acts like he’s all in, but refuses to call you his girlfriend.

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