Weak Between The Sheets: 10 Signs You’re Bad In Bed

Everyone wants to think they’re good in bed. For a lot of people, sex is a huge part of a relationship, and it’s the physical intimacy that makes them feel ever closer to the person they love. But sex is also about wild, uninhibited pleasure. You can probably remember the best sex you’ve ever had, and you’ve been chasing that same feeling ever since. It seems like some people are born with natural skills in the sack, but of course, most things just take experience, practice, and an open mind. Sure, sometimes two people just don’t have any chemistry together, but other times it’s totally you. The first step to getting better at sex, is admitting you are, in fact, bad in bed.

He says no to oral sex. Maybe he’s terrified of your tendency to scrape your teeth along his shaft, and yank way too hard on his balls. If he flinches when you start to make your way down there, you might want to ask him how he really feels about your oral skills.

He’s faked it. Guys rarely fake it. First of all, it’s a lot harder for them to make it believable for obvious reasons. Second, they are having sex in order to get off, and they aren’t going to give up until they do. Unless you are that bad that they can barely keep a hard-on.

He agreed to being your hookup buddy, you did it once, and you never heard from him again. Sure, there could be some other explanation, but chances are if he gave up an on-going sex arrangement, it’s because no sex was more appealing than sex with you.

Your favorite position is starfish. Guys don’t want to do all the work all the time, and they definitely don’t want to have sex with someone who just lies there doing nothing. At least pretend you’re enjoying yourself.

You don’t like to initiate sex. Ever. There’s nothing wrong with not exactly being the aggressive type, but if he has to get things started every time, he’s going to start to think you’re just having sex to humour him and you couldn’t really care less about it. Guys like to feel wanted too, and it will make him feel awesome to see that you want him so bad that you can’t control yourself.

You have no idea how to get yourself off. If you’ve haven’t figured out how to orgasm on your own, how are you going to have one with him? He likes when you give him a little direction, and he wants you to get off. At least he should.

You say no to every new thing he suggests. Role playing? No. Any position other than missionary? Nope. Butt sex? Hell no. If you can’t be a little more open minded, he’s going to get bored, and frankly, you should be too.

You’ve never watched a minute of online sex. So, maybe a lot of the online sex out there isn’t the most realistic portrayal of what actual sex is like, but it can still give you ideas about new things you might like to try. And it can be a turn on to watch it with your guy if you find something that works for both of you.

Penises kind of gross you out. The whole sex thing in general kind of gives you the creeps actually. You want to put that where?!

You’re a virgin. And there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But chances are, if you’ve never done it, you aren’t going to be very good at it. Don’t worry though, you’ll get better.

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