10 Small Relationship Milestones That Actually Mean a Lot

We all know about the things that are a big deal in a relationship, like your first kiss, meeting each other’s parents, and your first trip together. But there are a lot of smaller milestones along the way that can reveal a lot about where your relationship is headed, as well. Guys aren’t always big on talking about their feelings, so the things he does can be a bigger indication about how he really feels about you. No need to break out the champagne every time one of these things happens, but you can rest easy knowing you two probably have a promising future together.

The first time you fart in front of him and don’t want to die of embarrassment. We all fart, and sometimes they come out when you least expect it, like when you’re laughing really hard or when you’re just drifting off to sleep. If it happens in front of him and you aren’t mortified, that’s a pretty good sign you’re comfortable around him and you know he doesn’t judge you.

You no longer care about waiting a few minutes before texting him back. At first, you never want to seem too eager, or too available. But once you’re at the point where you’ll text him whenever you feel like it without analyzing it first, you’ve officially made it past the “casually dating” phase.

Your first inside joke. Not only do you get each other’s humor, you’re actually able to laugh together at things no one else gets. You have things that only you two share, and that always brings people closer together.

Your first nicknames for each other. And no, “babe” (or any term of endearment that everyone else uses) doesn’t count.

When you can tell he cleaned up before you came over. That phase where he still cares what you think and wants to impress you is a great part of a new relationship. Enjoy it, because it’s only a matter of time before you see what his real hygiene habits are all about.

The first time you sleep over just to sleep. When you first start dating, you never miss an opportunity to have sex. But as you get more comfortable in the relationship, you’ll believe that you will have another chance to see each other naked. Sometimes it’s nice to just cuddle, and wake up next to each other. And morning sex is always on the table.

When he shows up with dinner and he didn’t even need to ask what you wanted. He knows exactly what your regular orders are, right down to holding the carrots in your shrimp pad thai. And you know he’ll never eat a slice of pizza that has come within a foot of of an olive.

The first time you see each other horribly sick. If you haven’t left your bed in three days, let alone had the energy to take a shower, and you still accept his offer to bring you some soup, you must not mind if he sees you looking your absolute worst. And he’s probably more than fine with it too.

When he agrees to watch a certain show with you and only you. If he likes the idea of having little traditions like following a TV show together, he probably thinks you have serious relationship potential. Because if you start watching a show and then break up half way through the season, all future episodes will be tainted by the memory of your failed love. And no one wants that.

The first time you plan something more than a few days in advance. If you’re past the phase of taking it date by date, and you’re pretty sure you’ll still be seeing each other a few weeks or a few months from now, that’s when you really start looking forward to the future and what it could hold.

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