10 Struggles Every Opinionated Woman Faces On A Daily Basis

When you’re woman with strong opinions, ironically, people seem to have a lot of opinions about you. In a world that seems instructed to train women to remain docile and submissive, empowering and strong minded women are starting to make a fierce claim for acceptance. Unfortunately, the struggle is real! When you’re confident in how you feel about a certain topic and you speak with conviction about the things you believe in passionately, it’s inevitable that people will try to slay you in return to silence you, especially men. The silver lining is, you’re not alone and all of us strong and bold lipped women share these struggles with you:

Everyone assumes you’re a bitch.

You’re no stranger to being labelled crazy, disagreeable, or a bitch for having a strong take on something  but yet, when a man voices his opinion, he’s just a man. You wish people knew that there was more to you than just your fierce opinions.

You have no filter.

Often you blurt things out without thinking twice because you are completely comfortable about how you feel and you aren’t afraid to have a debate about it if necessary. You understand that its completely okay to have a clash in beliefs but most of society doesn’t see it that way.

You hurt people’s feelings without intention.

You don’t really believe sugar coating is beneficial to anyone but not everyone feels the same and so life is a constant process of learning how to construct your opinion in a way that doesn’t offend everyone.

You have safe words to soften the blow.

When you text or email, you often feel the need to add an additional “Haha” and smiley faces to avoid coming across too blunt or forceful. In person it’s a lot harder to mask your facial expressions so you’re constantly throwing in “no offense” or “please don’t take this the wrong way” as a buffer in case people get butt hurt.

Dating is harder for you.

While a lot of men do find strong and opinionated women appealing, many don’t. We are a gender assumed to behave in an agreeable and soft spoken manner and anything else is deemed unladylike. You know in the end that the right man will love this trait about you but in the meantime, it’s a difficult process finding your intellectual match.

Your passion is mistaken for attitude and anger.

When you talk about something, you do it with such passion and ferocity that people think you have a “tone” in your voice or that you’re angry about something. The truth is, you’re just passionate and don’t have a problem with showing confidence in how you feel about things.

You over explain yourself.

You’re not exactly a master of keeping points short and simple, leading back to the fact that people call you a bitch a lot if you do. So instead, you make sure to be as detailed as possible as to why you feel how you do which actually only annoys people. You can’t win.

You feel misunderstood.

You’re not a bitch and you’re not trying to be malicious so it actually does upset you when people react so negatively to your way of expression.

You say sorry a lot.

But, you’re really not most of the time. You just do it to appease people who have become so easily offended by your points.

People talk crap about you.

Not just in a dating capacity, but women will speak ill of you for speaking your beliefs just the same as men. You’ve heard on more than one occasion that people have a problem with the way you feel about a certain issue. In the end however, you know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, you included.

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