10 Things A Guy Does When He’s Falling For You But Doesn’t Realize It

Perhaps unsurprisingly, guys can be a bit slow to come to terms with our own feelings. It’s almost funny and a little embarrassing how we don’t always recognize when we’re smitten with someone. If you spot any of these signs, it could mean the guy you’re dating has started to fall for you but hasn’t yet realized it himself.

He follows through.

If he says he’ll text or call you, he does. If he says you’re going out, he takes you out. When a guy stays true to his word, he was either well raised or he’s falling for you without realizing it. To be fair, it’s not like other guys purposely lie. We’re just a little flaky and distracted at times. However, when his feelings start getting serious, he’s thinking of you so often that things don’t fall through the cracks and he always follows through.

He brings you gifts.

These gifts might be small and meaningless, but it’s the thought that counts, right? If he’s giving you presents early in a relationship, it’s clear that he’s thinking about you. It’s not that he’s trying to, he just can’t get you out of his mind. This means that he hasn’t yet realized how much he likes you.

His eyes never wander.

If a guy you just started dating keeps staring at you, it might not be as creepy as it seems. Before he realizes how much he likes you, he won’t be able to keep his eyes off you. Generally speaking, we’re not purposely trying to check out other women while we’re talking to you. We’re just not totally into you and so our instincts to look around for other options takeover. When a guy refrains from doing that, it’s his subconscious telling him that he’s super into you even if his conscious brain hasn’t recognized it yet.

You can tell he’s listening.

Hopefully, you can tell when a guy is actually listening to you rather than just pretending. A guy who has started to fall for you won’t need to fake his interest. He will genuinely be listening to every word you say. Honestly, we don’t always realize how engaged we are in the conversation. It just happens.

He’s insightful.

What do you get after all of that good listening? A guy who makes insightful comments and observations about you. He notices little details that other guys have missed in the past because he’s actually absorbing what you’re saying. If he’s all ears anytime you open your mouth, it’s pretty clear he’s really into you.

He’s okay with PDA.

To be fair, some guys are cool with PDA but most aren’t. Of course, the exception is when we’re falling for you even if we don’t know it yet. If our subconscious brain thinks we’re falling for you, we won’t object to PDA if you initiate it.

He’s cool with meeting your friends and family.

We all know that this can be a battle. Under most circumstances, a guy isn’t crazy about meeting a woman’s friends and family. The trick is to do it early when he’s smitten with you and doesn’t realize it. If he’s seriously falling for you, he’ll go along with just about anything you want. This even includes meeting your friends and family. You might even get him to introduce you to his friends and family.

He’s respectful.

In a perfect world, every guy would be respectful all the time. Obviously, we live in a far from perfect world. However, when his feelings are real, he won’t try to play games or get you in bed only to ghost you the next day. Subconsciously, he thinks you could be a long-term option for him, so he won’t be in a rush to get you into bed.

He opens up.

Personally, I’ve discovered that I was falling for someone after I realized I was really sharing personal things with them. If you notice your guy is opening up to you, even if he’s sharing silly or stupid things, it’s a strong indication that he’s falling for you. He probably wouldn’t be doing that if he wasn’t.

He’s willing to compromise.

Until they’re invested in a relationship, most guys tend to take the my-way-or-the-highway approach. But when a guy is falling for you and doesn’t realize it, he’ll be more willing to compromise and meet you halfway. Subconsciously, he cares about making you happy more than his conscious brain is able to acknowledge. That means he’ll be more willing to compromise if it’ll make you happy.

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