10 Types Of Guys Who Are Never Worth Your Time

Finding a good guy may not be easy, but we know they’re out there, and that’s why we keep dating. Of course, we probably end up with more than a few a-holes before we find Mr. Right, but save yourself the trouble by avoiding these 10 types of guys — they’re seriously not worth your time.

The Houdini impersonator.

If you’re dating a guy, or attempting to, who’s there one week and gone the next, screw that. If he’s that unpredictable and values your place in his life so little, then shut that door and hope it hits him in the ass.

The BS’er.

The worst thing a guy can do is play on the emotions of a girl who he knows is into him. If you really like him and he’s saying all the right things but not actually backing them up, you need to move on ASAP.

The commitment-phobe.

 At the end of the day, if you want a relationship and he isn’t making it official, what’s the point in sticking around? Ultimately you’re never going to change his mind, and even if he miraculously does suddenly want to lock things down, chances are he won’t be seriously invested.

The gaslighter.

When a guy can’t take responsibility for his own actions, he’s probably a disaster to date. If he thinks that he’s never the problem, chances are he’s really good at gaslighting in order to deflect the reality of his shortcomings. If all he does is trash his exes, remember that he’ll probably add you to that list one day.

The excuse maker. 

A guy who really likes you won’t make excuses for every little thing, but one who isn’t worth your time sure will. If he always has a reason why he can’t meet your friends, or can’t see you on weekends, excuse him from your life, and quickly.

The ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ guy. 

While we can’t expect the guy to do all the work, it’s fairly reasonable that we can expect him to get creative some of the time. If you’re the only one planning fun dates and all he comes up with is Netflix and chill, he’s not in it for the same reasons you are.

The window shopper. 

Trying to date a guy who’s constantly talking to other girls, or who seems to get bored easily, is truly a nightmare. If he refuses to see what’s right in front of him and how good he has it, preferring to keep his options open just in case, ditch him and wait for the one who will.

The radio silence guy.

If a guy isn’t calling or at least texting you, it’s a pretty clear sign that he isn’t thinking about you very often. Let’s face it — picking up the phone doesn’t take a huge amount of effort, and when you really like someone, it’s a pleasure, not a chore. If you’re the one initiating all of the conversations, spend your time talking to someone who actually deserves it.

The chronic plan canceller.

If you’re trying to date a serial bailer, don’t even bother. Getting ready for what should be a great night only to find out he’s ditching you is the worst, especially when it happens on the regular. If he’s too inconsiderate to value your time, and too flaky to want to see you, he probably doesn’t care and neither should you.

The busy bee.

We all have lives and we’re all busy, but when a guy can never see you because he says he doesn’t have time, definitely don’t make time for him. Liking someone means you make time, no matter how busy you are, and if he isn’t willing to do that, he really isn’t that serious.

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