10 Types Of Sex You Have When You Get Back With Your Ex

One of the most exciting things about getting back together with an ex is the sex that follows. Depending on how long you’ve been broken up, there could be a whole slew of different types of sex to correspond to the whole slew of emotions you have regarding the breakup and the getting back together process. But, no matter how long you’ve been apart, there are 10 types of sex that every couple experiences when they get back together again.

Anxious ‘I Can’t Believe This Is Happening’ Sex This romp is usually the first sexual encounter you have that will lead to getting back together. Whether you’ve randomly run into each other at a party or bar, or you’ve decided to meet up to either talk or get your favorite t-shirt back, something happens and you find yourselves going at it like two crazed, hungry animals. It’s anxious, it’s confusing, it’s dirty, and at one point one of you actually says, “I can’t believe this is happening!”

Passionate ‘I Missed You So Much’ Sex When you’ve been apart and the sex was good, really good, it’s hard not to have that “I miss you so much” sex that’s so full of passion it feels as though it’s been ripped from an Anais Nin sex scene. In fact, it’s so passionate that it actually transcends how awesome you remember it to be, taking you both to a whole other stratosphere – one that you’re not likely to reach again.

Angry ‘You F@$king A-Hole’ Sex If you broke up, it was for a reason. Even if that reason was you, as humans, we love to pass the buck and blame anyone but us. This, of course, leads to angry sex – the type of sex where you both walk away from it feeling not just incredibly satisfied, but with some battle wounds, too, like hickeys and bite marks.

Romantic ‘Let’s Never Break Up Again’ Sex Oh, love. You loved them once, you never stopped loving them, and now here you are again, wrapped in each other’s arms making – dare I say it? – love. Oh, the romance of it all.

Comfortable ‘This Is The Way It’s Supposed To Be’ Sex Even if you’ve been apart for years, some things never change. This is where the comfortable sex comes in as everything comes flooding back: where they like to be touched, how they touch you, and why it just always made sense, sexually speaking. It really is like coming home and, yes, one of you is bound to say, “This is the way it’s supposed to be.”

Hate ‘I Can’t Believe You Did XYZ’ Sex Not too different from angry sex is hate sex. While angry sex is all about screwing while blaming your partner for being a jerk, hate sex is all about calling them out on all the things they did that were wrong. It’s the type of sex where mid-orgasm you just might call out, “I can’t believe you slept with my best friend in our bed on my birthday!” You know, if that happened.

Spicy ‘Let’s Never Let Ourselves Get Bored Again’ Sex Although boredom isn’t always to blame for a breakup, if you and your partner fear that may have been the issue, you might find yourself having spicy sex in an effort to, well, keep things spicy. It will definitely start out passionate, but before it’s over you’ve both had things in places you never thought you would and your partner will finally be able to say that he now understands why prostate massagers exist.

OMG ‘It’s Just Like The Very First Time’ Sex Oh, wow! Everything is so new! So the same, but so new! You’re like a virgin practically! Touched for the very first time! Oh, wow, wow, wow! Or at least that’s what you’ll tell yourself to forget about the fact that getting back together just might have been a bit of a mistake.

Uncontrollable ‘Just Tear My Undies Off’ Sex Right up there with angry sex and hate sex is uncontrollable sex. This is the sex you’re bound to have with your partner more often than any other sex when you first get back together. Not only is it the sex you’ll be having the most, but you’ll be having it everywhere and anywhere, and the proof of that will be in your underwear drawer – whereby the end of the month, you’ll have so few underwear left that it will be time to replenish before your “uncontrollable ‘just tear my undies off’ sex” can continue.

Emotional ‘I Love You So Much’ Sex Of all the types of sex you’ll be having with your ex when you get back together, this will be the one you won’t discuss or even share with friends. It’s far more intense than the romantic sex and, thanks to all those emotions, it’s likely to involve some tears. Hence the reason no one really talks about it. It’s one thing to be in love and “make love,” but it’s a whole other thing to cry your way through it.

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