10 Ways To Spice Up Your Intimate Life Without Being Undressed

When we think of intimacy, we automatically think of being undressed, right? Makes sense since doing it typically involves skin-to-skin contact. However, you don’t need to take off a single item of clothing to heat things up. There are a ton of ways to spice up your intimate life while fully clothed, and each will make the actual act that much better.

Wear his favorite item of clothing. Guys get strangely turned on by the way we dress — and it doesn’t have to be a mini-dress or a low-cut top. By wearing his favorite item of clothing, you’ll show him you’re tapped into what he likes and you’ll get him thinking about taking that piece off of you later.

Send provocative messages throughout the day. If you spend the day apart while at work like most couples, you can really get things started by sending him some suggestive texts or emails outlining what you want to do to him in deliciously specific details. He may get a hard on work, but he’ll live… and probably jump you when he gets through the door.

Cook him his favorite food. It really isn’t a lie that the way to a man is through his stomach. Surprise him by cooking him his favorite food paired with a well-matched bottle of wine, and he’ll probably want to reward you heavily in bed. Men think it’s hot when we get our housewife on sometimes, so milk it for all its worth if you’re in the mood. Don’t forget to make him return the favor, though!

Leave him a love note in the morning. You really love him in a suit, so why not leave him a note in his work clothes for him to find while he is getting dressed? Nothing says hot as much as a handwritten note about your intentions with an imprint of your lipstick. He’ll probably be thinking about where he wants that lipstick later.

Leave him a gift to open before he heads out for the day. He’ll be trying to hurry home to you all day if you leave him something to open in the morning that alludes to what he can expect later on. Maybe wrap up some new lingerie you just bought or a new toy. You won’t have to do the deed right then for him to be itching to call out of work and spend the day in bed with you.

Go to a strip club. If you’re cool with it, of course! Some girls are totally OK with watching their guy get turned on by other women and enjoying the benefits of it themselves. Hell, some of us even enjoy the strip club, too. Do what works for you.

Make love over the phone. It can feel awkward at first, but doing this is a great way to turn him on without taking your clothes off, especially if one of you is going to be away overnight. Use words to excite one another and build suspense for when you reunite.

Go shopping for fun items together. Ramp up the anticipation by going shopping for some fun things to add to your time in the bedroom. Let him pick out something hot for you to wear or a new toy for him to use on you later.

Leave a lasting impression. Spray your perfume onto his collar or somewhere he’ll smell it all day long. He will endlessly be thinking of you and you didn’t even have to do anything!

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