11 Types Of Casual Sex You Should Have Before Settling Down

Whether it’s in between relationships or before you settle down for good with a partner you plan to be with for the long haul, every woman should experience some casual sex. NSA sex is one of the best ways to figure out what you like in a sex partner, without having to get into the sticky fumblings of a serious relationship. It’s also fun as hell. So what types of casual sex should you put on your sexual bucket list? These 11, for starters:

Booty call sex. It’s 2AM on a Thursday and you get a text from that guy you only hear from when he’s been drinking. His text is a vague, “Hey,” but you know exactly what you that means since it’s the same text you sent him a week ago. You know within 20 minutes that if he doesn’t pass out first, you’ll be having sex.

Friends with benefits sex. The friends with benefits sex is always a good thing to have around, because although it’s casual sex, there’s the intimate part of a friendship in there, too. What this means is that after you have sex, you can actually have a real conversation, as opposed to a fake one about the weather or whatever else strangers talk about after screwing.

Secret sex. I think we’ve all had that person that we’re not super excited that we’re having sex with, so we keep our dalliances with them a secret. However, despite the fact that you’re not coming clean about this person, for whatever reason, you keep going back for more NSA sex with him. It’s awesome because it’s not just casual, but if you run into him in public, you can pretend you don’t know them, too.

Ex sex. Casual sex with an ex is great because they already know what you like and what you don’t like — but more importantly, you know what you really love. That being said, casual sex with an ex only works if your feelings for them are long gone. You can’t have sex with someone you’re still into and call it casual, because feelings.

Revenge sex. Whether it’s because your partner cheated on your or your relationship came to an end and you just want to sleep with someone, revenge sex is perfect for this mindset. It’s not just casual, but therapeutic too, because you’re literally the anger out of your bones.

One-night stand sex. You meet someone at a bar, get their first name, take them home, have sex and send them on their way either right afterward or just as the sun starts to come up. It’s easy, it scratches an itch, and you both know where you stand on it so there’s no awkward BS about exchanging numbers that you know neither one of you will never call.

Anonymous sex. Although similar to one-night stand sex, in this case you don’t even bother to get his name or even take them home. This is the type of sex that gets done in the back of a cab or in the bathroom of your favorite dive bar. Rarely an orgasm is conceived, but you just had sex in a bathroom, so really, who cares? You get points for sex in public with this one, too.

Bad sex. Sorry, but every woman should have bad casual sex at least once. And when I say bad, I mean really bad — like one of you fell asleep or puked kind of bad.

Awesome sex. On the flip side, every woman should have awesome casual sex at least once. As in, orgasms until the break of dawn kind of awesome. It’s only fair after the inevitable bad casual sex that you’re going to have at one point.

Drunk sex. As long as it’s totally consensual, drunk sex is where it’s at because your inhibitions go out the window and sometimes you want that. Besides, if you take home someone from the bar, its not like you’re going to be sober anyway. Unless you’re a teetotaller, but if you were, you wouldn’t be at the bar in the first place.

Blast from the past sex. With this casual sex, you’re sleeping with someone whom you meet up with back home over the holidays or at a high school reunion. Perhaps you had a crush on them, or they had a crush on you, but either way, you know it’s going to be a one-time thing because you moved away from that Podunk town and they didn’t — but hey, they’ll do for the next hour or two.

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