12 Different Types Of Orgasms Women Can Have — How Many Have You Had?

12 Different Types Of Orgasms Women Can Have — How Many Have You Had? ©iStock/PeopleImages

Would you believe it if I told you that the average age a woman has her first orgasm is between 18 and 24? According to a survey conducted by sex toy company Adam & Eve, 45% of the women in their study said that their first orgasm was achieved in that range, while 43 percent had theirs before the age of 18 — but if you don’t fall under either criterion, that’s okay too. The truth of the matter is that there are so many different types of orgasms women can have that when you get to O-Town for the first or 50th time is really and truly up to you.

  1. Vaginal. This is probably one of the most common types of orgasms, although it can be argued that most types of orgasms are considered typical in their own ways, depending on your preference. With a vaginal orgasm, you might feel it less intense than others, but it’s a deeper feeling of pleasure that can be achieved as long as you find the right position with your partner. (And hey, if you need some help, you can learn from the School of Squirt how to give a woman the perfect vaginal orgasm.)
  2. Oral. As nuts as it sounds, you can legitimately have an orgasm just from kissing or from going down on someone else. It all depends on how sensitive your tongue and mouth is, but some women find that the sensation can travel from their tongues down their own bodies and give them legitimate orgasms.
  3. Butt sex. But sex isn’t for everyone, but just like a vaginal or clitoral orgasm, having an anal orgasm is a different kind of pleasure if you can do it right. Of course, this requires lots of careful planning on your partner’s part, as well as some lubrication, but women are totally capable of feeling the sensation from an anal orgasm.
  4. Clitoral. With 8,000 nerve endings camping out in that spot in your vaginal region, it’s no wonder that the clitoral orgasm is felt so strongly. For some women, having the clitoris stimulated during foreplay may be all they need to send them over the edge into orgasm, while others still require more of a warm-up before a clitoral orgasm.
  5. G-Spot. Similar to a vaginal orgasm, being able to “hit the G-spot,” so to speak, enables you to have a strictly vaginal orgasm, only much more intensely. Some find it hard to find this elusive spot within the vagina, while others claim to achieve most of their orgasms this way. Call it a myth if you will, but nothing is stopping you from trying to find it. The belly press sex technique may be a good way to get you there.
  6. Coregasm. Apparently, a coregasm is achieved strictly through working out. No, it’s not a ploy to get you to fit more cardio into your daily routine, but according to the book The Coregasm Workout, by getting your heart rate up and performing some core lower body and lower ab cardio workouts, you can get enough blood flowing down there to give you a small orgasm.
  7. Blended. Simply put, a blended orgasm involves a mixture of vaginal and clitoral stimulation. In fact, some women might find this to be the most pleasurable of all options and most easy to obtain too.
  8. A-Spot. The a-spot refers to the area deep in the vagina called the anterior fornix which, when reached during or after sex, can trigger an intense orgasm. Since it’s deep in the vaginal canal, it might be hard to find, much like the G-spot, but it is considered a legitimate erogenous zone on the body.
  9. Nipple Stimulated. Of course, it feels good to have nipple and breast stimulation before and during sex, but for some, an orgasm can be achieved by nipple stimulation alone. Now, before you go snapping off your bra and trying it out, remember that you have to be open to it and your mind has to be clear so you can really concentrate on it. It’s not really about tricking your mind into having an orgasm, but the mind plays a huge role in orgasms in general anyway.
  10. Mental. Think of this as meditative sex, in a way. Just lay down and let your mind clear while essentially thinking yourself into an orgasm. At the very least, it can help get you in the mood, but at its best, a mental orgasm can get you off. Like, for real.
  11. U-Spot. Yes, another type of orgasm that is too cool to not have an abbreviation. Believe it or not, the U-spot actually refers to your urethra. Since the urethra is basically right in the middle of your clitoral area, stimulating the U-spot helps trigger a clitoral type of orgasm that might even be more intense.
  12. Zonegasm. Random, non-sexual areas of your body like the inner thighs, nape of the neck, or clavicle can trigger orgasms simply by having them stimulated. Honestly, though, with all of the different types of orgasms women can have, it has never been better to be a woman in tune with her sexuality.