12 Things You Need To Know If You’re Dating A Well-Endowed Guy

There’s a stereotype around guys who are blessed below the waist. Generally, the well-endowed archetype is that other men envy them and women want to be with them, but let’s just air this out right now: being with a guy who’s well-hung has its complications and drawbacks too. Here are 12 things you need to know about dating a guy who has a lot to offer:

You have to be careful how you react when you see it for the first time. Penises are a sensitive topic with men across the board, but you wouldn’t think that would be the case with guys on the larger end of that spectrum. Think about it—handling a larger size isn’t fun or appealing for a lot of women. These men may have been rebuffed or dumped in the past because women don’t prefer their particular brand of sex, and that can probably create some self-esteem issues. Just don’t act like you’re horrified or teasing him when he whips it out—although that should be a rule in general, no matter their size.

On the other hand, he may be a little full of himself. Naturally, this is going to differ person to person, but guys who are well-endowed can sometimes be, for lack of better word, a little cocky. Larger penises are idolized by men and women alike in our society, so having that reputation may have done a number on his ego. Keep an eye out for any you’re-so-blessed-to-be-near-me BS unless you’re into that kind of ‘tude.

Don’t get started until you’re definitely aroused. While this should be a blanket statement for sex with anyone, it’s very important here. Engaging in thorough foreplay (if that’s what you need to get going) is crucial for comfortable—nay, bearable—sex with a hung dude. When we get aroused, natural lubrication occurs and your vaginal walls will stretch more easily, two things that are V important for this kind of romp.

Go slow, especially when you’re starting. Everyone knows that those first moments can be the least comfortable, and that is extra true for your bigger guy. Your vaginal walls can stretch quite a bit, but easing into the act will make this expanding more gradual and therefore easier to cope with.

Don’t hesitate to communicate during sex. This should go for all sex, always, but it goes double when you could be in pain or discomfort. Make sure to tell them when something isn’t working or when something is working, maybe even consider coming up with a safe word. Hung guys can feel a little overwhelming in the bedroom, but remember, you’re partly in control. Working with him to find the ideal techniques for both of you will result in some of the best sex of your life.

Use lube, for the love of God. If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s lube shamers. I prefer using lube no matter the size of the man I’m with, and that goes double when he’s on the large side. People who look at lube as something young women “shouldn’t need” are straight-up fooling themselves and I feel sorry for their sex lives. When it comes to your well-endowed man, don’t be embarrassed to load up on lube and to keep reapply through intercourse. Trust, it’s going to make entry and the entire process a lot more enjoyable for you.

Don’t go all the way in. Larger men are going to have a harder time going all the way in, but that’s okay. Truthfully, you’ll avoid additional vaginal tearing if he doesn’t. This is going to take a few tries to find a depth that works for both of you, but it will be well-worth the experimenting.

Figure out the best sex positions for his size. There are going to be sex positions that elevate sex with a well-endowed man, just like there are positions that elevate sex with men that have smaller penises. A good one for larger gentlemen is standing doggy style. To pull it off, stand up and face the same direction as your guy. Have him penetrate you from behind, with you pushing against the wall or a piece of furniture for leverage. Try lifting a leg for easier access.

Girl-on-top is a recommended go-to. In general, a great way to get pleasure with manageably shallow penetration is girl-on-top positions. Moves like reverse cowgirl should go over well with your guy.

Be prepared to heal vaginal tearing. When your guy is bigger, he will stretch your vagina and often tear the walls, no matter how prepared you were during sex. This isn’t the end of the world, but you want to keep your vagina clean, untouched, and only wash the area with water to assure no infections occur.

Sex may have to be sporadic. Since tears are probably a frequent occurrence with your well-endowed dude, the sex might have to be a little less frequent to let your tears heal. Essentially, just try having sex a few times a week rather than every day. We know how hard it’ll be but just try, for your vagina’s sake.

Don’t be afraid to take control of the big situation. It sounds a little harsh, but maybe sex with this hung man isn’t for you. If the sex feels constantly like work or is always very painful, maybe it’s time to break things off. Now, if this guy is your committed boyfriend and you have an emotional connection to him, I wouldn’t suggest breaking up JUST because of his painful penis. Try other ways to pleasure each other, like sex toys or more oral sex than intercourse. But if you’re just messing around with this guy and you don’t see it going anywhere real, don’t be ashamed to break things off if the sex isn’t enjoyable. If the sex isn’t enjoyable with a hookup—what’s the damn point, anyway?

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