The 14 Things Independent Women Care About The Most

Independent women often get a bad reputation, even though they’ve done nothing to deserve it. Many people see them as bitchy or arrogant when they’re just women who have their priorities straight and don’t take crap from anybody. It’s not until you really understand what they value in life that you truly realize how incredible they are. It’s hard not to admire them.

If you’re an independent woman like me, you know it doesn’t matter what others think. You place value on what’s most important in your life and that’s all that really matters.

Choosing your own path. 

It’s incredibly freeing to be able to decide what you want to do and when. You don’t have to have the same career as your parents or go to the same college as your friends. It’s your life and your choice. You’re free to change your path and goals at any time.

Equality in relationships. 

An independent woman isn’t afraid of letting a guy take control sometimes in a relationship. You just expect to be able to do the same. You don’t want to be treated as a weak, frail creature. You want to be treated as an equal partner at all times.

Good conversation. 

Finding good conversation sometimes seems like a lost cause. When you do find it, you value it. You love having an intelligent conversation that goes beyond “who did you hook up with last night” or random celebrity gossip. You want something that leaves you thinking and helps you learn more about the person you’re talking to.

Good friends who accept you. 

Who says independent women don’t have friends? You’re just picky about who your friends are. You want good friends who don’t try to change them. You’re usually seen with a small group filled with different interests. Odds are, most of them are independent women. too.

Not having to rely on anyone else. 

It’s a major confidence boost to be able to take care of yourself. Sure, it’s nice to have help sometimes, but it’s not something you expect. You work hard to have your own place, car and things. You learn how to do basic repairs. Basically, you figure things out without leaning on everyone else for help

Achieving success. 

Yes, success does matter. Independence doesn’t just magically happen. It means setting goals and being able to work towards them. This is part of how you became an independent woman. Success is valuable because it meant you worked hard for what mattered to you.

Your own happiness. 

You don’t depend upon others to make you happy. You know you’re in control of making yourself happy. It’s why you value that happiness so much. After all, if you do that all on your own, you know you’re truly independent.

Freedom from relationship statuses. 

You hate all the drama from other women who define themselves by their relationship status. They’re fine if they’re with someone, but they crumble when they’re single. You’re so beyond all that. You value not having to worry about your relationship or lack thereof. Life goes on regardless.

Your beliefs and morals. 

Talk to any independent woman and you’ll quickly discover they have strong beliefs and morals. It’s like we  have our own personal code. It’s part of what makes us stronger and more successful in life. Sure, those beliefs are always being challenged, but we stand strong by what we believe in.


Doing the same thing every day is boring. You never have a chance to learn or grow. You value challenges in life. Whether it’s a random home improvement project or having to learn French for a business trip, you’re excited by the opportunity. You’re always eager to learn something new. Challenges are the best way to do that.


It might seem simple, but respect means the world to independent women. When it comes to the important people in our lives, we want to be respected. Whether it’s family, friends or co-workers, we want to be respected for who we are and what we do. The best part is you don’t just expect it, you work hard to earn it.

Always learning something new. 

You know knowledge is power. You don’t wait for a challenge to learn more. You’re always reading blogs, taking online courses and learning from those you admire. You value what you learn because you know it’ll help you grow as a person.

Alone time. 

It’s true that an independent woman doesn’t need people around all the time. You’re perfectly fine being by herself sometimes. You value that time because it’s a chance to think, de-stress and plan out new goals. You know you need time to work on you and you’re happy when you get a few hours to yourself.

Your health. 

I’m not talking about dieting until you’re a size 0. Most independent women you see are healthy. We take care of ourselves because we value ourselves. We know to achieve what we want in life and be truly happy, we have to focus on living a healthier life.

Independent women are often underestimated and misunderstood. It’s not until you are one that you really understand them.

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