If you’ve never had a penis in your mouth, you’re missing out. Blow jobs aren’t meant for male enjoyment only. They’re fun for all of us women, too. Once we figure out what we’re doing, giving oral can be just as much fun as getting it.

It makes us feel powerful. He might think he’s in control, because he’s the one who gets to orgasm, but we’re really the one with all of the power. We can move our tongue one way and make him moan, or we can pull our head away and make him whimper. His fate is in our hands.

Period week is more bearable. We don’t want him to go down on us and come away with a beard full of blood, but we can still give oral during that time of the month. It’s a way to keep things steamy while our genitals are out of service. Besides, once our period ends, he’ll owe us one.

It makes him happy. He deserves a special treat, and a blow job is the best way to repay him for everything he’s done. BJs don’t cost us a thing, and they don’t take all that long, which is why they’re the perfect gift for all of us lazy, broke girls.

We get to hear him moan. The sounds he makes during oral are such a huge turn-on that we might stop and switch to having penetrative sex instead. After all, if he’s going to orgasm, we might as well orgasm along with him.

The taste is amazing. When he eats the right foods, the prize at the end of oral is delicious. It’s a taste that stays in our mouths for a while, which makes us feel like we have a sexy little secret when we go out in public later in the day.

It makes us feel sexy. A little eye contact is all we need in order to amp up the oral. Seeing how crazy our face makes him is a major confidence booster. It’ll make us feel even more gorgeous than usual.

It’s the perfect time to experiment. Not sure if he likes his balls being played with or if he’d like you to touch his backdoor? Oral is the perfect time to experiment. If he loves it (or hates it), you’ll know it right away.

We can give oral anywhere. All of us adventurous women have had sex in public. Of course, it’s ten times easier to give a blow job in the back of a car than it is to have full-on penetrative sex there.

It encourages him to go down on us. He can’t expect us to give him oral all the time and give us nothing in return. The more we pleasure him, the more he’ll want to pleasure us. It’s a fun way to get what we want.

It’s a turn-on to turn him on. Knowing that someone else finds us sexually stimulating is the best feeling in the world. There’s nothing more satisfying–except for our eventual orgasm.

We feel a sense of accomplishment. If we’re ever insecure about our performance in the bedroom, giving him oral will change that. The harder he gets, the prouder we’ll be.

It’s an intimate act. Putting our lips against his genitals sounds gross, but it’s actually pretty romantic. It proves how much we care about him and his happiness. After all, we wouldn’t go down on any old guy.

We see him from a whole new angle. When we’re on our knees, looking up at him, it gives us an entirely new view of him. It makes him look even sexier and manlier than usual.

It can lead to sex. Foreplay consists of more than making out and grinding up against each other. If we’re the ones with the higher libido, giving him a blow job is a great way to get him ready for some steamy sex.

We can 69. There’s nothing hotter than getting eaten out while making our man moan. It’s as good as sex gets.

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