15 Signs You Have a Transparent Personality (and Why That’s a Great Thing)

Being transparent and authentic is no easy feat—there are lots of people who hide their true selves on a daily basis. That means that it takes a special type of person to rise above the noise of society telling them to fit in. If that sounds like you, here are 15  signs you’re very transparent.

1. You don’t get embarrassed

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Because you’re so transparent about who you are, you kind of let your freak flag fly. You say silly things and quite literally dance like no one’s watching. It’s common for the people around you—whether that’s family, friends, or coworkers—to get embarrassed for you. But you just shrug and embrace yourself for all of the amazing things you are.

2. People think you’re emotional

If people think you’re a bit emotional, it’s probably just because you’re transparent. Showing strong emotions (good or bad) doesn’t scare you—you’d much rather be true to yourself and wear your heart on your sleeve than pretend. This is a wonderful thing, not only is expressing yourself cathartic but it also shows your genuineness.

3. You’re fine with people not liking you

You know that, for whatever reason, some people just won’t like you. That’s A-OK with you because it’s not your nature to pretend to be something you aren’t just to fit in. You have a “what you see is what you get” energy and you won’t compromise on who you are. That shows a lot of integrity—good on you.

4. You’re very accepting of others

Your openness gives you this innate ability to welcome people in from all walks of life. Through your authenticity, you’ve cultivated a sense of empathy and understanding for other people’s views. You know that everyone has their own unique challenges and you treat people with this in mind.

5. You can admit your mistakes

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When you’re transparent, that means you’re honest and straight up and don’t hide who you are. You know just as well as anyone that everyone makes mistakes, including you! You’re extremely self-aware (we’ll get to that in a little) so you know when you need to fess up. Taking responsibility for your actions and apologizing when necessary makes you even more authentic and trustworthy than you already are.

6. You make others feel seen

Because you have a transparent personality, you have a unique ability to connect with others and cut through the noise or walls they put up.  That means that when you’re around new people, you see them for who they really are. You create a safe space for others to be their true selves because you’re your true self! People feel seen and heard by you and that’s huge.

7. You’re comfortable saying “no.”

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Just like you’re okay with people not liking you, you’re also very much okay with saying “no,” because you know that not everyone is going to be pleased with every situation. Besides, part of being transparent is that you’re authentic, and being authentic means you know how important your boundaries are. Keep it up.

8. You keep promises

When you tell someone you’re going to do something, you do it. That’s because you’d only ever promise someone something if you 100% knew you were able to deliver. For you, trust and reliability are extremely important and you’re not the type of person who just says yes to anything at the expense of your own needs.

9. You can be vulnerable

Society expects everyone to be strong, they sold us the idea that it’s not good to show any sign of weakness. But what’s great about transparent people like you is that you don’t subscribe to that idea. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable or share your heart with others—and that’s amazing.

10. You don’t get jealous of other people’s success

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The sad truth is that a lot of people aren’t truly happy when other people succeed. Not you, though! Because you live in your authenticity and transparency, you know that everyone is on their own path—yourself included. So instead of getting upset or envious when other people share their accomplishments, you congratulate them. Besides, you know that surrounding yourself with successful people only makes you more successful in the long run.

11. You’re trustworthy

You’re transparent which means that you’re honest. You’re always upfront and open about your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This builds a huge level of trust with other people around you because they know that you won’t lie to them. You’re also super consistent in this habit, meaning you don’t act differently across different situations—others know that they can depend on you to act a certain way, in this case: trustworthy.

12. You’re very approachable

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You ooze authenticity and openness in all of your interactions, we know this. It’s that genuine nature that makes you so relatable and easy to connect with! You’re open about who you are and what you believe which creates an environment for other people to feel accepted. You’re also not super judgmental and always engage in respectful communication which is a great bonus.

13. You’re self-aware

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If you haven’t realized by now, you are extremely in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and motivations. In other words: your transparency doesn’t only extend outward, it extends inward, as well. Because of your openness and honesty, you’ve been able to understand yourself on a deeper level and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

14. You see the bright side of things

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Your openness and honesty help you have a positive outlook on life. This willingness to be vulnerable gives you the unique opportunity to approach any challenge that comes your way with a sense of hope and resilience. Think about it: if you weren’t as authentic and transparent as you are and held everything in, you probably wouldn’t be so positive.

15. You’re adaptable

By embracing your transparency and authenticity, you show that you have flexibility and openness to the things life throws at you. You know that life is full of uncertainties and you’re willing to adjust your mindset and approach when it’s needed. Your skills for open communication make you more receptive to new ideas and perspectives, which enables you to adapt and embrace change.

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