Man Suffers 3-Day Erection After Taking Bull-Breeding Stimulant

A Mexican man was forced to seek medical help when he suffered a 3-day erection after taking a sexual stimulant used for breeding bulls. The man, whose name remains unpublished (lucky for him), had to be rushed to a hospital in the US-Mexico border city of Reynosa when his wood just would not go down.

He had to have emergency surgery. Staff at Specialist Hospital 270 had to put the man under the knife in order to make the erection go away. It’s unclear how he’s progressing after the surgery and whether or not the experience has left any lasting damage, but that’s pretty scary!

He’d taken the “Viagra for bulls.” According to La Republica, his reasoning for seeking out the drug was that he wanted to have a hot and heavy experience with a 30-year-old lover. It’s unclear if the man suffered from any kind of erectile dysfunction or if he simply just wanted to take things up a few notches, so to speak, but it clearly didn’t end well.

Unsurprisingly, the drugs were obtained illegally. The man supposedly drove more than 12 hours to the city of Veracruz in the east of Mexico to purchase the stimulant, which is only meant for animal consumption to help with breeding. Under no circumstances should human beings take it, that’s for sure, but that didn’t stop this man.

It’s just not worth it. I’d make a bet that the man who ended up having surgery for his 3-day erection would not repeat the experience if he had a choice. There are actually human drugs that could help with erectile dysfunction issues, so there’s really no reason to resort to taking products meant for animals. I know sex is really important to a lot of guys, but is it worth extremely painful and downright dangerous results like this? He probably didn’t even get to sleep with the woman he took it for!

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