7 Types Of Orgasms Ranked From “Oh My God!” To Still Pretty Amazing

If you didn’t know that there are more than one type of orgasm, then let me tell you right now: THERE ARE. If the only orgasm you’ve ever experienced is the clitoral orgasm, then you’re in for a treat, because that’s not where the fun stops. In fact, did you know that you can even have an orgasm while giving birth? YES! Or while working out? YOU CAN! And the best part is once you harness these orgasms and know what they feel like, then you can work on trying to experience them more often.

While this list won’t include the giving birth orgasm, because honestly, it is pretty rare with only 0.3 percent of women having experienced them, it will include seven types of orgasms that you can experience (and must!), from the best to a little less best.

Multiple orgasms. Well, of course, multiple orgasms would have to come in first place. Multiple orgasms aren’t more than one orgasm you have over the series of an afternoon of romping, but orgasms you have right after each other, with no space in between. It’s like a bam, bam, bam  with your legs shaking while you desperately try to catch your breath and wonder when they’ll stop, although you secretly hope that they never will.

Blended orgasm. A blended orgasm is basically the smoothie of orgasms. When you have a blended orgasm, you’re experiencing orgasms all over your body  clitoral, G-spot, butt sex  you name it.

Clitoral orgasm. While clitoral is definitely the best orgasm because it’s the easiest for many women to achieve, let’s be honest, if we compare it to multiple or blended, it just can’t hold a candle. But, it’s still awesome, mind-blowing, and crazy fantastic all the same because it’s an orgasm.

G-spot orgasm. For some women, the G-spot orgasm is definitely the best, but for the sake of this list and because it’s not as common as the clitoral orgasm, we’re going to put it a wee bit “less best” than a clitoral orgasm. However, if you do find your G-spot and stimulate it correctly  wowzers. Toss in some clitoral stimulation, too, and you’re on cloud nine.

Urethra orgasm. Any woman who has “squirted” knows that the urethra orgasm is pretty great. It can be achieved by stimulating the “U-spot,” which is the opening of the urethra (pee hole for those of you who failed human biology), and creates an intense gush of not just sensations, but fluid, too, putting you in the category of the elusive female ejaculators club.

Butt sex orgasm. Butt sex, if done correctly with loads of lube, can be really satisfying. Not only does it provide a completely different sensation than vaginal penetration, but it also from butt sex that the G-spot and the inner erectile tissue of the clitoris to be stimulated. The combo stimulation results in one hell of an orgasm.

Coregasm. Ah – the coregasm! The coregasm is an orgasm that comes on while you’re working out, most specifically exercising your core. What’s great about this one is that it’s a deep feeling orgasm, because your core and all, and it’s an extra special treat for having gotten yourself to the gym. However, there is a downside. While it feels amazing, it is happening to you in a public setting, so you may not be able to fully enjoy it with your usual exclamation of, “OH MY GOD THAT WAS INSANE.”

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