8 Things The Right Guy Will Love About You

Whether or not the new guy you’re seeing is Mr. Right isn’t always immediately obvious, but it shouldn’t take long to figure out. Suddenly, everything makes perfect sense and your life is even better than it already was now that he’s in it. Not only that, but he loves you for you, flaws and all. Here are the things that the right man will love about you:

Your passions.

The right man will love your passions no matter where they’re directed. The wrong man might try to guide you away from certain things you love just because he isn’t into them, but the right one will be in awe of your different tastes and the unique way you see the world.

Your body.

The right man will feel so lucky and honored and to be with you that he’ll think you’re the hottest thing around, regardless of any “flaws” you’re working with. In other words, he’ll make you feel truly beautiful in every possible way.

The little quirks that make you, you.

Some of the most endearing things about the person we love are almost imperceptible to anyone else and hard to explain, but they just come together and make the whole of you that much better. The right guy will love meaningless things you’ve never even noticed about yourself, like the way you turn out your left foot when you cook or close your eyes when he hugs you.

Your baggage.

It’s not that he would have chosen it for fun, but the right man will be loving to the point of supporting you despite whatever baggage you have going on. He’s not scared by or worried about the fact that you have an alcoholic parent who’s not in the picture — he’s protective of your heart in an extra way because you do.

Your more intense personality traits.

The right guy isn’t going to find you obnoxious all the time even if you can be, and he isn’t going to bail when you’re being overly emotional. You’ll never be perfect, but he isn’t worried about that because he sees past the messy stuff to the core of who you are. That’s the woman he loves.

Your growth process.

The right man is engaged in a growth process just like you are, so he doesn’t see that as a flaw. He recognizes where you have things to learn and relishes in the moments he can be the one to hold to your hand and take you places — without judging or belittling you for being a first timer at certain things.

Your face.

The right guy will love you in a way that he appreciates your beauty but he also sees past it. When he looks at your face, he’ll be memorizing your expressions and trying to figure out what you’re thinking when you can’t stop staring at someone in a restaurant, not sitting there assessing your crows’ feet situation.

Your sex life.

The right man will love having sex with you regardless of what sort of skills you’ve got going on or what position you’re in. He’ll feel something just being close to you and touching your skin, whether or not there’s any real action going on.

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