8 Ways Life Actually Gets Better When You’ve Been Single For A Long Time

You’ve been in relationships before and while they were good while they lasted, they always ended. Eventually, you decide to chill out about looking for love and just spend some time on your own for a while. Turns out, being single for a long time changes your life in some totally unexpected and amazing ways.

You make yourself happy. 

When you’re on your own, you learn how to make yourself happy and entertain yourself. If that means curling up with a book all day or learning a new hobby, you know where to find happiness without needing someone to point you in its direction. Best of all, this happiness is always available to you because you’ve made it happen.

You’re not just OK with being alone, you actually love it. 

Alone doesn’t mean lonely. You have a full, satisfying life and if it happens that you don’t meet a great guy, you’re not going to have any less of a life. Besides, you’re not really alone — just one call and you can be surrounded by awesome friends and loved ones if you want.

You become way more adventurous. 

So many women are out there losing themselves in relationships because they don’t have a strong knowledge of themselves. When you get to spend lots of time as a singleton, you learn loads about yourself that makes you stronger. You also discover things about yourself you didn’t realize but which enrich you — you’re a whole planet to explore and this is an adventure all those taken girls are missing.

You get crap done.

 When there’s no guy around to help you change a tire or pitch a tent, you learn how to do all that stuff yourself. It’s empowering to be able to sort things out, even if it means heading over to Google for some nifty instructions.  

You have more to give a future boyfriend. 

When you’ve been on your own for a long time and you’ve used that time to work on yourself, grow, ditch emotional baggage and become self-sufficient, this makes you a more well-rounded and kick-ass confident partner to some lucky guy in the future.

You don’t compromise yourself for a relationship. 

You’re single for ages when a great guy rocks up. By having the strong foundation of singlehood behind you, which includes knowing what you’re about and what you don’t want, you won’t let a guy steer you away from all that makes you wonderful. That means that although you’re eager to compromise in a relationship when it’s required, your self-worth is never on the table because you’ve worked so hard on it.

You know better than to settle. 

When you flourish as a fab single woman, you don’t allow bad relationships to last or waste your time. You know that you can make it on your own quite happily and that’s a great feeling. If someone’s not adding to your life, then they’re out of the picture.

You don’t make finding The One a priority. 

When you’re hitting the town with your friends, your focus is on having fun, not screening the club or bar for potential boyfriends. This takes the pressure off finding The One and allows you to enjoy your life. You know that any sexy, amazing guy you meet is just an extra slice of pie, but not the whole pie. You’re the complete pie on your own and that’s kick-ass.

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