9 Reasons I Love Oral Sex More Than Regular Sex

I really don’t get guys who “don’t do” oral sex. Like, really? That’s lame and completely ridiculous, especially since they expect us to give them blow jobs all the time. I’m happy to do it because I want to make my partner happy, but if he doesn’t feel the same, he isn’t getting laid at all. I love giving and receiving oral sex, maybe even more than regular sex — here’s why:

It feels more intimate. Sure, there’s not as much eye contact, but it’s a different kind of connection. I know when a guy is willing and excited to get all up in my junk like that, he’s really attracted to me. I feel the same way about going down on him. I wouldn’t be doing it if I wasn’t super physically into him, and that feels good for both of us. In a society where we typically shy away from nudity and the human body, it takes some vulnerability and trust to allow a person to get that close to your nether regions.

I’m really good at it. Yeah, I’ll toot my own horn. Not only am I supremely confident in my oral abilities, I’ve had that opinion backed up by every single guy who has ever experienced them. You want to know my secret? It’s that I really enjoy doing it. There’s a sprinkling of technical skill in there too, but mostly it’s enthusiasm and willingness to please.

I really appreciate it when he’s good at it. We’ve all been with guys who have no idea what they’re doing down there. When you finally catch a great cunnilinguist, damn do you know it! There’s nothing better than a guy who’s great at oral. I was with several guys who sucked, but I didn’t know any better. When I finally dated a guy who had skills, I couldn’t get enough of it…and I wanted to return the favor all the time because I was so happy.

It’s naughtier. There’s definitely more taboo surrounding oral than your standard sex session. For some, it feels forbidden, dirty, and rawly sexy. I find it extremely fun and arousing to have my face buried in the crotch of a guy I really dig, and vice versa. Wanna make things really fun? Try 69ing, or changing your positions up. Sitting on a guy’s face feels even more naughty and tantalizing than just lying there. Grab that headboard and make some noise, girl!

It makes me feel powerful. When I’m going down on a guy, it’s like he’s a helpless pawn in my grasp… which is quite fun in a sexy and dominating way. It’s a different kind of power when you’re well aware that a man loves giving you head. Both are equally pleasurable even though they’re not the same!

It makes me feel sexy. It’s hot when a guy loves nothing more than burying his face between my legs and going to town. The more he enjoys it, the more I do. It allows me to let go of any worries and just have a good time. I also feel sexy when I know I’m giving him pleasure in return. When he’s obviously enjoying my skills, it makes me feel good about myself and excited to repeat the favor.

I can focus on giving/receiving pleasure. The most awesome benefit of oral is that I can temporarily be selfish. Instead of worrying about mutual pleasure and wondering if he’s enjoying himself, I can lay back, relax, and have a great time. Then, when it comes time to switch roles, I’m more than happy to do the same for him.

It’s a huge turn-on when a guy loves going down on me. You know what makes me wanna have sex? A guy wanting to give me head. There is nothing hotter. You don’t even have to make me cum every time. I’ll cum during the intercourse we have afterwards because I’m so riled up by your enthusiasm. A+ for effort, every time.

Dudes really appreciate a girl who loves giving head. There are a lot of guys and girls in this world who do not enjoy giving oral, getting it, or simply don’t do it at all. When a guy finds a girl like me who not only loves doing it but is great at it, too, it’s like he struck the sexual jackpot. He never gets tired of my blow jobs, ever. Every time is like the first time, and every time makes him weak in the knees. It’s awesome to have that effect on my man!

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