9 Signs You’re Meant To Be And What You Have Is Real

From the moment you met your partner, the two of you have been inseparable. Whether your romance is like a rom-com or a slow burn, you hold it in your heart and gut that this is your forever person. You’ve got it wrong before, but you’re sure that this time, the connection you’ve found with them is real and you might just be right. Look out for these signs that you’re actually meant to be.

You’re completely yourself around them.

Never for a second do you worry about how you look in front of them. You act silly, goofy, and all-around fun. Better yet, they’re always one step behind you, feeding off your good energy. You know you can just be yourself, flaws and all, knowing they accept you no matter what. Neither of you feels the need to change, nor has one of you said that to the other.

You have similar interests.

You can name at least three things off the top of your head that you and your partner have in common. Whether it’s hobbies, TV shows, or music, there’s always something you two enjoy together. This means you can do these things collectively as cute date ideas. You can attend concerts, take a pottery class, binge a new show… the possibilities are endless!

You confide in them.

When it comes to being vulnerable, you feel safe with them. You know they won’t share your secrets or use them against you. Saying your honest opinion, whether about them or something else, they’ll listen. They don’t judge or overreact. The same goes for you. You create a safe space for them to be able to tell you how they feel or if they want to get something off their chest. There’s never a moment you question how they’ll perceive you after you’ve confided, only that they’ll still love you wholeheartedly.

You have each other’s backs.

You two make the perfect team. No matter what’s going on in the world, you’re always there for one another. You show up and give what the other one needs at that moment. Nothing seems hard to conquer, so long as you guys are together. The world is no longer a scary place that you need to face alone. With them by your side, you can do anything. Even when you don’t think you need them, they’ll be there to catch you when you fall.

You laugh together.

Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. That’s just how life goes. If you both understand this, the hard times won’t seem so crushing. You’ll laugh together at what doesn’t go right but you’ll also giggle because of what does. You make each other happy. You know how to have fun as a couple. Laughing at yourself and with each other provides a good level of comfortability.

You don’t feel the need to do something all the time.

Forcing each other to go out on dates isn’t a recipe for success. If anything, it’ll create unexpected rifts. When you two are together, you don’t feel the need to do something. You don’t go automatically into planning mode when spending time with each other. You both enjoy each other’s company but are totally fine doing separate activities. And the silence? It doesn’t freak either of you out – you’re happy just to be around them.

Your future isn’t the same without them.

When you think five, even 10 years down the road, it involves them. Whether that includes getting married and starting a family or just growing old together, you feel content. It just feels right. You also understand how people evolve. Along the road, you both might pick up different hobbies, opinions, or interests. What’s important is to grow together, not apart.

You’re a better person because of them.

They encourage you to be your own person. They’re also there to give you a nudge of motivation when needed. And when it comes down to it, they’re your biggest cheerleader. Because of them, you’ve grown into a better person, one you can live with every day. They’re always there for you, reminding you of who you are when you feel lost in the world.

Fights aren’t the end of it all.

Relationships aren’t perfect. There will be times when arguments arise. What matters is how you get through the tough times. Having a fight doesn’t have to spell the end of the relationship. When there are disagreements between the both of you, you take the time to listen to each other’s point of view. You take into consideration their feelings and instead of fanning the flames, you work towards a resolution. You know when and how to apologize and not hold grudges. You also know better than to go to bed angry.

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