A Guy Shares How Men Know They’ve Found “The One”

Obviously, we can never know for sure we’ve found that special someone that we’re meant to be with forever, but most people tend to get a feeling when we’re with “The One.” If you’re curious about things from a man’s perspective, allow me to pull back the curtain and reveal how men realize they’ve actually found their person.

Everything feels new and different.

I think you know what I mean by this. When you’re with the right person, even boring and repetitive things seem new and exciting. This is a good clue that he’s found a keeper. It could be a movie we’ve seen 100 times or a place we visit all the time. If being with someone makes it feel like a new and different experience, she could be “The One.”

She’s a mind reader.

Most guys don’t want to marry psychics or fortune-tellers, but it does feel good when a woman understands us so well that it’s like they can read our minds. Even if she isn’t finishing our sentences, if it’s obvious that she understands how we think and what makes us tick, we start thinking that she could be someone special.

We do anything to spend time with her.

Some guys are willing to do crazy things for the women they love. That tends to go to insane levels when she might be “The One.” Stuff we never thought we’d enjoy all of a sudden becomes fun because we’re doing it for her and with her. Of course, the specifics vary from one guy to the next, but if he’s happy doing things or going places he previously hated or never experienced before, he knows that the woman with him is special.

We become cool with compromise.

I don’t need to tell you ladies that most guys are selfish and strong-willed. But when that starts to melt away, we start realizing that we might have found our person. To get a guy to put someone else’s needs and wishes over his own isn’t easy. If a woman makes him do that, she must be a keeper.

We start thinking about the future.

Most guys don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the future, at least as it relates to marriage and family. But if we can imagine what life might be like down the line with someone, it’s clear that she’s not just another girl. These thoughts typically only pop up in our heads if we think we’re with the right person. Trust me when I say that it’s not a coincidence.

We’re comfortable around her friends and family.

It’s not always a given that your boyfriend will get along with your friends and family. It’s not always love at first sight with your folks, but if he sees you as his soulmate (or the equivalent), he’ll make more of an effort to get along with the people in your life. When he starts feeling comfortable around them, he starts to realize that this could be a forever kind of thing.

Her flaws don’t matter.

Look, nobody’s perfect; that’s a fact. Even if you think you are, I can tell you that you’re not. However, when a guy doesn’t notice a woman’s flaws or doesn’t care that they exist, it’s a good sign that she might be “The One.” It means we complement one another well, and that’s so important.

We wonder if we’re good enough.

Few things create insecurity in a guy’s mind like thinking that we’ve found that special someone. You’d think it would be a happy time, right? On the contrary, we’re suddenly worried about being good enough or being the right fit for you. Even guys with a lot of confidence get nervous that they aren’t enough for their dream girl. We tend to have irrational fears about screwing up the relationship. Oddly enough, crippling anxiety and self-doubt can be a sign of love. Weird, right?

We try to better ourselves.

Along those same lines, most men will make an effort to be a better person when they think they’ve found the right woman. After all, we now need to prove that we’re good enough. We might try to break a bad habit. We might try to eat healthier and exercise. We might even try to make improvements in our professional life. The funny thing is that we don’t always realize we’re doing it!

We’re sexually compatible.

No sex isn’t everything, but it still means something. No guy is going to think he’s found the one if things aren’t going good in the bedroom. In fairness, we don’t assume someone is our soulmate just because we’re having “the best sex of our lives.” But it certainly doesn’t hurt. If it feels like we’re a perfect fit in the bedroom, it’s a lot easier for a guy to believe that she’s “The One.”

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