‘Sexually Repressed’ Woman Quits Mormon Church To Become Adult Film Star

Addie Andrews was 17 when she joined the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-Day Saints, AKA the Mormon church. She felt pushed into a religious life by her parents, and it took many years for her to break free of the Church’s doctrine and to branch out… into adult films.

She stuck to the Mormon Church’s ban on premarital sex. Addie had sex once before joining the Church, but once she joined, she was devout in her abstinence and grew to believe that doing the deed before marriage was “a very serious sin and a shameful thing to do.” She didn’t have sex again until she was 26.

She even became a missionary. While Addie says the members of the Mormon church were “so welcoming” and “wanted to do well” by her, she realized after becoming a missionary and attempting to convert others that she’d lost sight of who she really was. “The deeper I got into the religion, the farther from my own identity I got,” she said according to the New York Post.

She eventually realized she was “very sexually repressed.” Not only could she not have sex, but Addie Andrews couldn’t even be her sister’s bridesmaid as the dresses her sister had chosen were deemed immodest by the church. “You’re essentially a nun, devoted to your religion for that period of time,” she said.

She quit the church in 2017. Soon after, she decided to move to California to try to become an actress, but she struggled not only to find roles but even a regular job. Eventually, she decided to become an exotic dancer, and it wasn’t long before adult film agents began contacting her on Instagram, where she has more than 102,000 followers.

Her adult film career has really taken off. Addie, now 30, took the agents up on their offers and has been making plenty of money – and plenty of new films – starring in the types of films she never would have been able to watch, let alone make. Somewhat surprisingly, her family has behind her 100% and supports her career, though her brother does insist that he’ll never watch any of her movies. That’s probably a good thing, to be fair.


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