This Adult Christmas Cracker Has A Surprise Sex Toy Inside, But You Won’t Know Which One Until You Open It

Admittedly, 2020 hasn’t been a great year for anyone’s libido given that the world is basically a huge dumpster fire. However, if you’re looking for something a little naughtier to crack open at the dinner table this December (and there are no kids around), you might be interested in knowing that is offering Christmas crackers with a surprise sex toy inside to really get you going in time for 2021.


What better Christmas present could you ask for than an orgasm? Whether you’re in a relationship and want to have a little playtime with your partner or you’re on your own for now, there’s nothing wrong with getting off every now and again. Even if you already have your favorite toy, the excitement of a new one is always a good thing.

This is the world’s first product of its kind. As Ricky themselves explain, the Christmas Cracker Surprise is “2020’s most unique Christmas gift” and also the first product of its kind. Something tells me the adults among us would enjoy what’s inside these crackers much more than the joke and paper hat that comes in the classic ones.

There are five different toys to choose from. Ricky’s sex toy Christmas crackers include one of five different toys and you won’t know which you’re getting until you pull yours open. Whichever one you receive will be completely rechargeable and include the cable you need to do so, so you’re ready to plug in and get going ASAP.

Ricky’s is offering a men and women’s version. Because different things get men and women off, Ricky’s Christmas Cracker Surprise is available in both male and female versions depending on who the recipient is. The toy inside each is catered to the gender it’s intended for, so you can be sure you’re getting the right feeling, so to speak.

You can’t tell what’s inside by looking at them. One of the best things is that the crackers come in a pretty non-descript design that gives no indication about what’s inside. That means you could theoretically have it sitting out without anyone raising an eyebrow. Just make sure the kids don’t get a hold of this one before your partner does! You can order yours from Ricky’s here.


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