Alabama Woman Asks Police To Test Her Meth Supply For Purity Limestone County Sheriff's Ofice

Alabama Woman Asks Police To Test Her Meth Supply For Purity

An Alabama woman was concerned that the meth she bought from a local dealer may have been cut with an unsafe and unknown substance, so she did what anyone in her position might do: she asked the police to test it for her.

Jennifer Hall called the local sheriff’s office to come out to her home. Once they arrived on the scene, she whipped out a bag of meth and asked them to check it out to make sure she could take it safely. Obviously, that didn’t go over too well.

“I want this dope tested.” It’s unclear whether or not Hall was already intoxicated when she spoke these words to the officers who came to her house, but she truly believed her methamphetamine had been cut with something else, so testing seemed like a logical option, I guess. Hall never said what she believed the drugs had been tainted with.

She was arrested, obviously. You can’t just present cops with a bag of meth and expect to continue your day as normal. Hall was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, which she admitted to taking, though she told authorities she couldn’t remember exactly when.

She’s still in jail. Or at least she was as of Thursday afternoon. Her bail is set at $2,500 and so far no one has come forward to pay it, nor has Hall been able to secure the bond necessary to pay it. Hopefully spending some time behind bars might give her time to detox a little bit, though I don’t imagine a few days in the slammer will suddenly make you realize you should maybe quit doing meth.

Bottom line? Don’t ask the cops to check your drugs. Not only will they not do it, you’ll end up arrested and drugless. Seriously.

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