Couple Filmed OnlyFans Sex Tape In The Back Of Patrol Car While Shouting “F**k Five-O” Florida Highway Patrol

Couple Filmed OnlyFans Sex Tape In The Back Of Patrol Car While Shouting “F**k Five-O”

A couple waiting in the back of a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser after being stopped for driving with a suspended license was arrested for allegedly having sex in the back of the patrol car. Yordan Noa, 24, and Summer Watkins, also 24, were stopped in Noa’s BMW since Noa was driving with a suspended license. Police planned to take the couple to a nearby Shell station in Naples so they could “make arrangements to get home,” an arrest report states, so they were put in the back of the car to wait. That’s when Watkins had the idea to film an OnlyFans video.

Florida Highway Patrol

Watkins wasn’t shy about sharing her inspiration with everyone. While waiting in the back of the car, Watkins shouted to Noa: “Baby, we should record an OnlyFans video back here!” Soon after Noa got in the car, Watkins asked a cop, “What if I suck his d*** back here?” When the officer replied that she wasn’t allowed to do that, she asked again: “Can I suck his d*** back here?” and the officer again said no.

She didn’t take no for an answer. At one point, the officer walked away from the car and closed the rear door of the vehicle. That’s when Noa and Watkins, neither of whom were handcuffed, decided to start getting frisky. Their escapades were caught on film by the “prisoner compartment camera.”

Watkins gave Noa oral sex in the back of the car. After he exposed himself, Watkins got on her knees and got to work. At one point, she “can be heard saying ‘f*** Five-O” while performing the sex act. Noa whipped out his phone to tape the account and can be heard saying, “Can y’all hear me? She’s sucking d*** in the back of a State Trooper right now.” Watkins later reported the act to a friend during a FaceTime conversation with Noa’s friend.

Trooper J.D. Perez-Morales only realized what happened an hour later. The patrolman had already dropped the couple off when he reviewed the footage and saw what was going on. He then returned to the Shell station to arrest Watkins for lewd and lascivious behavior and breach of peace. She posted bond later that same day and is due in court on December 16.

Noa didn’t get off scot-free either. Police discovered marijuana and a controlled substance in his car and also charged him with lewd and lascivious behavior, breach of peace, and exposure of sexual organs. He also posted bond and will be arraigned on December 13.

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