These Best Friends Built Their Own Tiny House Village To Grow Old Together

If you’re lucky enough to find even one best friend, you should definitely cherish them. If you hit the jackpot and find multiple best friends, what else can you do besides build your own village full of tiny houses in which to grow old together? That’s exactly what one group of besties did and frankly, I’m jealous.

Scroll down to see video and more photos of the houses—they’re amazing!

YouTube/Funny and Viral Arts

They came together to buy a town in Texas. They were able to pool together money to invest in a town near the Llano River near Austin, Texas. Being able to live all in one place kept them from falling out of touch when everyone got busy with their own lives, so this was a really sweet idea.

The houses were actually super affordable. Called the Llano Exit Strategy, each of the tiny houses cost $40,000 and were designed by a man named Matt Garcia. They were made to fit each owner’s personal budget while also using the space efficiently and in an eco-friendly way.

They get to enjoy nature together. Because the houses are built in such a beautiful location and scaled to be just enough for each occupant, there’s still plenty of land to cultivate or even just look out on from their front porches together. In addition to reflective walls and insulated windows, each property also has 5,000 gallon water barrels to collect rainwater for use in showers and sinks.

What an amazing life they have ahead of them. The friends will always be close to each other now, able to be there for life’s ups and downs and enjoy each other’s company, support each other, and generally just have a great time. Life is too short not to enjoy every single moment we have with our loved ones, and these guys obviously recognize that. They’re living the ultimate dream and I’m super jealous!

YouTube/Funny and Viral Arts

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