Cockfishing Is The Latest Dating Trend You Need To Be Aware Of

If you’re into online dating, you likely get the importance of accurate pictures. From profile pics used on dating profiles to the photos you exchange via text or WhatsApp before you inevitably meet up in person, images you share with potential partners should show the truth as much as possible. Unfortunately, with the new cockfishing trend, that’s not happening at all.

It’s like catfishing with a twist.

Like with catfishing, cockfishing relies on misrepresentation to get your attention. Catfish might use fake photos or lie about their job, background, sexual history, or even their race or gender. Guys who cockfish use fake photos of… well, you know.

Cockfish, also known as catcocks, take photo editing to an extreme.

Catc*cks love sending d*ck pics, but they spend loads of time editing the photos before they send them to make their manhood look way bigger than it actually is.

Sometimes, it’s a clever trick of the eye.

It’s not just down to Photoshop—cockfishing can happen when guys edit photos, sure, but sometimes they also stand next to items that make their parts look larger. Crazily enough, iPhone 11 has a wide-angle lens that a lot of men are taking advantage of.

It’s… a little bit disappointing when you find them out.

Imagine having a great sexting relationship with a guy and then meeting up for a real-life hookup… only to find that what he’s packing is considerably smaller than all the pics he’d been sending. While it’s not all about size, thinking you’re getting a large and coming out with an extra small is a bit of a problem.

So… how do you spot them?

It’s somewhat easy to catch a guy who does this in his tracks—just look for blurred edges, distorted photos, or other inconsistencies that point to the pic being edited. Unless you’re dating a Photoshop pro, chances are these things should be semi-easy to spot.

Why do guys even do this?

It’s been proven time and time again that most women prefer an average penis size and don’t need some big giant dong to be happy. However, some guys seem to feel inferior if they don’t have some massive package, and it’s a shame to see. If a woman likes a guy, she’s going to like him just as he is. That won’t change if his size is slightly less than average.

Bottom line? We should all just be ourselves.

Women are guilty of misrepresenting themselves too, so it’s not all down to guys. Both genders should just be honest about who we are and what we look like when seeking a partner. We want to be loved for who we are, don’t we?

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