Woman Convinces Friend That The Inside Of A Cheese Grater Is A Banging New Club Twitter/jem_jemxoxo

Woman Convinces Friend That The Inside Of A Cheese Grater Is A Banging New Club

Some people are naturally gullible. They can’t help it—their good nature means they believe most of what they hear without questioning it. That seems to be the case with a guy named Franco, a friend of Twitter user @jem_jemxoxo, who legit believed that the photo of the inside of a cheese grater is London’s hottest new club.

cheese grater clubjem_jemxoxo/Twitter

To be fair, it does look “trippy as f**k.” It’s something out of The Matrix and frankly, I can’t imagine going to a metallic club (or any club) and having a good time, but if you’re into that whole scene and into taking DMT, as these two seem to be, maybe it would be fun?

A little context might help. The OP, who I think is named Jem, told Franco that the club is in Shoreditch, a hipster neighborhood in East London where everything is super gentrified and super expensive even though it looks like a hell hole. Think of it as the Williamsburg of London and you’ll sorta get the picture. With this in mind, it’s not really all that hard to believe that someone would make a club that looked like the set of a Jamiroquai video. It’s edgy!

Franco is ready to go. As soon as he sees the photo, Franco suggests that he and Jem need to hit it up so they can get their life Neo-style. He’s so pumped up about it that he doesn’t even notice Jem’s excellent punny response, telling him that she’s sure they’ll have a “grate” time.

He might actually think this is a real place still… While Jem did update her followers by admitting that she never expected her original tweet to go viral, she didn’t mention whether or not she ever let Franco in on the harsh truth that the cheese grater club isn’t actually real. If he’s on Twitter, chances are he’s probably seen the tweet and would have found out by now, but I’d like to think somewhere out there, Franco is dreaming about doing drugs at a Shoreditch industrial club.

Jem’s tweet inspired many others. A lot of Twitter users took Jem’s photo of the cheese grater to send to their own friends to try and convince them of the existence of the club, with mixed results. Unfortunately, the story is pretty much everywhere now so it’s unlikely that anyone will be convinced, but thank goodness for the wholesome pureness of Franco. He’s definitely made a lot of people’s day.

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