Are You Clingy? 4 Signs You’re Really Bad at “Space”

“Clinger” has many definitions in Urban Dictionary. Two of them are: “any foreign object (usually splattered feces) that is attached to the inner wall of the toilet” and “the one that just won’t let go.” It can’t be a good thing for your reputation to have your personality traits compared to what’s left behind in the toilet bowl.  No one wants to have a clingy partner. Being clingy will destroy your relationship. Here are some signs that you have a tighter grip than a koala with rigor mortis and you need to give your fella some space.

You have a crippling need to be in touch with him constantly.

It is completely unnecessary to be in touch with your significant other all day, every day. The guy has stuff to do. It’s unrealistic and extremely clingy to expect him to be texting you all day detailing his every move or to call every time he leaves one location for the next. If you trust him, there’s no need for constant, inquisitive communication. Give him some breathing room.

You secretly (or not so secretly) can’t stand it when he wants to hang out with friends .

Guys enjoy hanging out with their friends as much as you enjoy hanging out with your friends. When he makes plans with his buddies, he’s not neglecting you. He’s being a normal person. If you feel neglected because he goes out with his friends one night a week, you’re textbook clingy. His friends aren’t a threat and don’t deserve to be treated like they are. If jealousy is your first reaction towards his pals, you’re going to smother your dude and bring unwarranted conflict into his life.

He emotionally withdraws from you.

Dealing with an overbearing girlfriend is exhausting. If you notice that your guy doesn’t open up as often and/or he drinks more than his usual keg a week, it’s probably because he’s trying to simultaneously save his energy and put up with you. Clingy behavior is not only exhausting, it’s annoying and unattractive. Constant bouts of clingy banshee rage are going to take a toll on your dude emotionally and he’s going to withdraw from you to preserve his sanity.

He straight up tells you you’re clingy. 

Nothing is a more obvious sign than hearing the words, “Stop calling me when I’m in the bathroom, you CLINGY wench!” He’s not deliberately trying to be a jerk; he’s at the end of his rope and he’s vocalizing his need for space. He’s being honest, which is probably what you asked of him in the first place at the beginning of your relationship. Honesty is a good sign on his part because it means he’s willing to work with you. Show him the same courtesy and examine your behavior. Make changes, release that desperate koala grip and watch in amazement as your relationship actually starts to flourish.

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