Ladies, You Can Now Buy A Sponge On A Stick To Clean Up Excess Juices After Sex

Sex is messy, that’s a fact. Lots of bodily fluids get exchanged and regularly left behind, and while that’s part of the experience, it can be a pain to deal with. One woman got so fed-up with needing a “clean-up on aisle V” every time she did the deed, she invented a product to help her out.

It’s called come&gone. It’s basically a disposable sponge on a stick, and it’s designed to make post-sex cleanup easier and more convenient for women. You insert it into your vagina, give it a twirl to pick up any fluids, then take it out and throw it away.

It’s the brain-child of California-based entrepreneur Frances Tang. “The ninja roll off the bed, penguin walk to the bathroom, and camp out on the toilet just wasn’t fun,” Tang explained on the come&gone website. “Gobs of toilet paper later, I still couldn’t get it all out. Not to mention my sheets?! That’s why come&gone was created. We’re on a mission to ban the dripping, forever.”

Wipes didn’t really solve the issue. Sure, they clean up the outside, but wipes and toilet paper really only get what’s outside. Since come&gone is meant to be inserted into the vaginal canal directly, it picks up stuff that wipes and TP can’t.

They’re not cheap, but they’re not that expensive either. You can pick up a 10-pack of come&gone for $10, which will get you through 10 messy sex sessions. They’re disposable and only meant for one use, so you’ll need to throw them out when you’re done.

Tang is working on a more eco-friendly version. At the moment, come&gone isn’t biodegradable, so this may not be a planet-friendly option just yet, but Tang is working on it. Considering how much easier and efficient this product can make post-sex cleanup, making it OK for the earth as well would make an awesome concept even better. If this sounds like something you’d like, you can grab yours from the come&gone website.

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