8 Sad Truths About Dating A Dude With A Tiny Penis

While size certainly isn’t everything, there’s a difference between dating a guy who’s on the smaller side of average and one whose manhood is virtually nonexistent. If you’re with someone on the latter half of the spectrum, you’ll probably relate to these truths.

  1. He needs a lot of positive reinforcement. Because no guy could possibly be unaware of his lack of goods down below, chances are your guy will have some issues with self-confidence. That comes down to you, his girlfriend, to make him feel better about it and to constantly (and I do mean constantly) reassure him that it’s totally OK… even if it’s really not.
  2. You can’t always tell whether or not he’s inside you. Unintentionally hilarious but true. Depending on how small your guy’s junk really is, you may not even be able to tell when he’s inside you. If you don’t want to be insensitive by asking, maybe just watch for his facial reactions—if he seems to be getting off/getting close, chances are you’re having sex whether you know it or not.
  3. Foreplay isn’t a perk, it’s a necessity. If you want any chance of experiencing pleasure whatsoever during your sexual encounters, foreplay is a must. Whether he goes down on you, fingers you, uses a vibrator on you, whatever—you have to get yours by any means possible.
  4. You can’t give him hand jobs because there’s nothing to grip. Again, unintentionally hilarious but true. If you’re dating a dude with an exceptionally small penis, it’d be more like a finger job than a hand job. This might be a feature of your sexual experiences that you’re better off leaving behind.
  5. You feel like a baby with a pacifier when you give him a blow job. Again, this varies depending on just how small your guy is, but there’s nothing worse than giving a guy with a tiny penis a blow job… or at least trying to. You end up feeling like an infant in some weird daddy/daughter roleplay and that is NOT hot.
  6. You’re more likely to hit the lottery than you are to have an orgasm. Again, unless you bring in outside help or finish yourself off, the chances of having an orgasm are slim to none. Considering you can’t even feel him inside of you, the chances of reaching the big O are nearly non-existent.
  7. It makes the rest of the relationship a challenge too. Because you’re unfulfilled sexually and he’s insecure as hell about his lack of penis size, everything else becomes way more complicated. He might accuse you of falling out of love with him or even of cheating on him because of his insecurities, and it’s a serious bummer.
  8. You feel guilty for being so unsatisfied. You know it’s not his fault that he has a small penis—he didn’t choose his size any more than you chose your eye color. That’s why you feel so damn guilty about being so unhappy with your sex life. You know sex isn’t everything but when it’s this bad, it feels like the end of the world. Ugh.
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