Does He Think You’re “The One”? 8 Signs You’re His Person

You’re thinking he might be “The One,” but does he feel the same? Before you start questioning him about his intentions, read on to see if your guy is doing any of these things. If he is, that’s a pretty good sign.

He treats you differently than past girlfriends.

This can be a little hard to determine, but if you notice it, it’s an important distinction. Maybe his friends have pointed out that he doesn’t usually bring girls around so early in the relationship, or maybe his family has noticed he splurges on you more than he ever did on his exes. Sometimes he might even point it out to you himself! If he makes a comment about doing something for you that he’s never done for another girl, take note. He just might think you’re worth doing more for than all the rest.

His family or friends notice a difference.

Similar to the first item, if his family or friends make comments about your relationship seeming different, that’s a good sign—especially if they point out how happy he seems or how different he seems. That usually means that compared to his last relationship, he seems in a better space. Note that this is different than pointing out the differences between you and ex. This is all about how he feels.

He waits to have sex with you.

This is especially true if you know that he usually doesn’t wait. If a guy has strong feelings for you, he might want to make sure that he does things right this time around. Since sex usually complicates things, he’ll be eager to prove to you that he doesn’t just want a hook up from you. He’ll make sure you guys get to know each other first.

He will make his intentions clear.

Without a doubt, any guy that thinks that you’re “The One” won’t play games. He will call when he says he’s going to. He will make sure you know what he wants: to be your boyfriend. If he isn’t sealing the deal, i.e. making things official, then he probably doesn’t think you’re his soulmate, sorry to say. It may be best to move on and find someone who does.

He’s eager to progress your relationship.
I’m not saying he wants to get down on one knee right away, but he keeps the relationship moving. He dates you and then makes things monogamous. He introduces you to family and friends. You fold into each other’s lives. You eventually move in together. You get the gist. If you’re stuck in between one of these steps with no progress forward, this might mean he isn’t that into you.

He makes your relationship known.

Whether that be on social media, to his family and friends, or by holding your hand in public, he isn’t afraid to show you off to the world. If his relationship status still reads “single” and there’s not a single picture of you on Instagram, he might just not be into social media. If that’s true and you haven’t met his coworkers he talks about all the time, that could be a red flag that he doesn’t think you’re right for him.

He relies on you.

I was helping a friend of mine fill out some paperwork once. He’d been with his girlfriend for two years and they even lived together. When I was filling out one of the forms, it asked for an emergency contact (who could be available in a pinch, not someone for a medical emergency). I assumed he wanted me to put his girlfriend but he asked that I change it to his parents, who live three hours away. It was in that moment I knew he didn’t see a future with his girlfriend but I didn’t say anything. Sure enough, they broke up a few months later.

He makes future plans with you.

If your guy isn’t making future plans with you, that’s probably a big sign he isn’t sure about a future with you. If he’s thinking long-term, he’s going to not only ask you what you guys are doing next weekend but a weekend five months from now that his friends are planning a trip for. If he’s planning into the foreseeable future, he’s definitely planning on spending it with you.

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