Does She Like Me?: The Ultimate Guide For Guys

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Does she like me?”, you’ll be pleased to know that there are ways to tell whether or not someone is romantically interested in you. Most people subconsciously give off signs that make it obvious how they feel about a person. Check out our ultimate guide of signs to look out for that may mean she likes you!

  1. She’s always available to see you. When a girl likes you, she makes herself available to see you. Even if she’s the busiest person on the planet, she will find a way to fit in time with you. It’s a red flag that she’s just not that interested when she continuously can’t see you because she’s busy. If she genuinely can’t make a date you suggest, she will reschedule for when she can.
  2. She doesn’t leave you on read. Wondering does she like me? If she does, she won’t leave you on read. In the beginning, she might take a while to reply to your messages if she’s playing hard to get. But when a girl seriously likes someone, she will respond to them. Why? She wants to talk to them because she wants the relationship to progress. Most people don’t have the willpower to ignore someone they really like.
  3. Her friends know about you. If she likes you, she’s talking about you to her friends. That’s just what most girls do. When her friends know about you, take it as a good sign that she’s mentioned you because she does have some feelings for you, even if she doesn’t know what they are yet.
  4. She texts you first. You won’t have to be the one to initiate conversation all the time if a girl really likes you. You might text first some of the time, but she will also start a few conversations. It won’t feel like you’re a burden who’s always texting her first and bugging her.
  5. She thinks carefully about the messages she sends you. This is a classic sign that she really likes you. The three dots of typing text will constantly appear, disappear, and then appear again when she’s texting you. That shows that she’s thinking about the messages she sends you carefully. She cares enough to not want to say the wrong thing! She likes you and she wants you to reciprocate, after all.
  6. She remembers what you tell her. If a girl likes you, she’ll take the time to listen to you. She’ll actually absorb the things you tell her. You’ll know if she cares enough to remember because she’ll follow up with things. For example, if you tell her you have a big work presentation coming up, she’ll ask you how it went. Or if you say that you hate spicy food, she might bring that up the next time you’re sharing a meal.
  7. She puts in effort around you. Most of the time, when a girl likes you, she puts in more effort around you. She wants to leave a good impression because she wants you to like her back. So she’ll wear clothes that she feels good in and take care not to do anything that might be a turn-off.
  8. She gets flustered around you. In a girl’s effort to impress you, she may also become flustered. It can be nerve-wracking being around someone you like! Does she get flushed cheeks when you talk to her? Or maybe she fidgets? These signs of nervousness can be hints that she really likes you.

Does she like me? More ways to tell

  1. She finds excuses to be alone with you. If you’re trying to work out does she like me, ask yourself whether she finds excuses to be alone with you. This is the most obvious when the two of you usually hang out in a larger group. Often, a girl who likes you will want to spend time one-on-one with you.
  2. She asks for your help. When a girl asks for your help, particularly with things she probably doesn’t even need help with, it can be a sign that she has feelings for you. Asking for help might be her way of getting closer to you and getting your attention.
  3. She drops hints that she’s single. Another clear sign that a girl likes you is hinting that she’s single. Letting you know that she’s available is one of the most obvious indications that she likes you and is waiting for you to make a move.
  4. She compliments you. Parade explains that complimenting is a sign of romantic interest. If she compliments you, she is trying to make you feel good. She also probably likes certain things about you so much that she thinks they’re worth complimenting!
  5. You often catch her staring at you. Staring is a hallmark sign that someone likes you. This is especially true if she stares when she thinks you won’t notice, and then quickly looks away when you do. We naturally stare at the things that captivate us, including people we like!
  6. She opens up to you. When a girl really likes you, she is likely to open up to you. This could be because she trusts you, but it can also be a subconscious move to get you to open up to her and bring you two together.
  7. She laughs at what you say. Does she laugh at you, even if your jokes are not funny? The answer to this is also the answer to the “does she like me?” question. This is another sign that she likes you. She cares about your feelings and wants you to feel good about yourself, so she laughs even when she doesn’t feel like it. But it could also be that she genuinely finds you funny (even if you’re not). After all, we do tend to see the people we like through rose-colored lenses.
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