German Talent Show Contestant Horrifies Judges By “Eating” Sausages With Her Butt

Shows like America’s Got Talent have the habit of bringing out the best and worst in its contestants. While some who audition have legitimate skills that deserve recognition, others are so ridiculous that you have to wonder whether or not they’re serious. The latter was definitely the case with a woman who auditioned for Germany’s Das Supertalent, as her “talent” comprised of making it look like her butt was “eating” sausages. Grossed out yet?

Duckie L’Orange is a comedian, apparently. She walked out on stage for her audition ready to stage what she believed would be a hilarious, albeit x-rated, performance. Needless to say, the judges weren’t quite ready for it.

She started by pulling a string of sausages from her apron. The judges were visibly confused as to what she might be up to. Sadly, they were about to find out – and it wasn’t great.

After running off the stage, she came back butt-first. By that I mean, she came back out with her pants pulled down and the face of a dog drawn on her buttcheeks. Immediately, she plopped herself down on the floor and started sliding back towards the sausages.

Oh… Oh God, no! Duckie then grabbed the sausages and started feeding them through the dog’s mouth, i.e. her butt cheeks, making it look like the dog was eating the sausages. The judges and the audience were absolutely horrified and were covering their eyes so as to try and wash this awful image from their brains, but Duckie kept going until the “dog” had “eaten” all the sausages.

Needless to say, she didn’t move forward in the competition. The judges didn’t send her through to the next round, which is probably for the best. I mean, imagine what she would have come up with next? No thank you!

duckie l'orangeRTL/YouTube

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