Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Vagina Facials And If You Should Get One

The very idea of your vagina getting a facial sounds weird, right? If you’ve never had one—and let’s be honest, how many of us have?—you might wonder what exactly goes down during a “vagacial” and whether it’s necessary or totally pointless. I bet you can guess the answer.

They’re often marketed as a youth-boosting treatment. Great, another thing to worry about: vaginas that look old. Still, it’s worth knowing that vagacials don’t target your actual vagina—they target the skin above your vagina where you wax or shave to make it smoother and less wrinkled.

A dating coach created vagina facials. Interestingly, vagacials were created by a dating and relationship coach named Lisa Palmer who believes that women neglect their vaginas when they’re in LTRs, causing them to become saggy and really dry. Ew. She says that vagacials can knock 20 years off your vagina. WTF?

What goes into a vagacial? A vagacial is basically a cleansing and exfoliating treatment for your bikini area and inner thighs, and it’s especially good to have after a bikini wax, when your skin needs some extra TLC. Sometimes vagacials will contain acid peels, cleansers, and even skin masks! The best time to get one is after you’ve had a Brazilian wax, as it helps to get rid of ingrown hairs that can be painful AF and to leave your skin feeling smooth.

You can make your own vagina facial. You don’t need fancy treatments at a spa. You can make your own vagina facial with ingredients such as Vitamin E cream, honey, egg whites, and coconut oil. After steaming your vaginal area for about 15 minutes (or having a hot shower to soften the skin), you mix up the ingredients and apply them. Just be careful!

Don’t put anything inside your vagina! The worst thing to do is put any ingredient inside your vagina or too close to it. It sounds obvious, but the vagacial has given rise to different crazy methods to clean the vagina like by using cucumbers. This is an infection waiting to happen because the vagina cleans itself and doesn’t need anything inside of it. Be careful of any chemicals or DIY vagacial ingredients that get too close to your vagina. For instance, egg whites that feature in DIY vagacial recipes can lead to nasty E-coli infections if they enter your vagina. Yuck.

Keep an eye out for allergies. Just because you’re getting a vagacial done at a fancy spa or you’re making your own at home, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a negative reaction to it. The skin in your bikini area is sensitive, so you should always check for any signs of irritation, such as redness or rashes. If that happens, stop using the treatments!

Don’t get a vagacial if you’ve already got weird vag symptoms. If you’ve got bumps, rashes, or redness on the skin around your vagina, you should avoid any DIY hacks for removing them. Stay away from professional vagacial treatments too. These symptoms require a trip to the doc, who’ll be able to rule out any STIs or infections.

You might not find it on a spa menu. If you can’t find a vagacial listed on a spa treatment menu, it could be under a different name. A vagacial is called different things by different places, like a Peach Smoothie or Brazilian Facial. As far as cost is concerned, if you’re keen for smoother, glowing skin around your vagina, a vagacial will set you back around $50 or more.

Take it with a pinch of salt. Don’t think you’ll get amazing results after one treatment. Even if you’re trying the DIY, natural route, you might only see results after a few months. The best thing to expect from a vagacial is smoother skin from the exfoliation and the removal of ingrown hairs if you have any. Period. Be happy with how your vagina looks!

Vagacials might help you control your acne problem. Acne can happen to skin anywhere on your body, and getting pimples near your vagina really sucks. Since vagacials make use of cleansers and exfoliators, they remove skin impurities, which could help keep acne at bay. Plus, by removing ingrown hairs before they get infected, your skin will look and feel healthier.

It’s nice but it’s definitely not a necessity. Why the hell would you need to treat your vaginal area with a beauty treatment? You shouldn’t feel that there’s something wrong with your vaginal area and just like with facials, vagacials aren’t something you have to have. But on the other hand, they can be a nice way to pamper yourself. As long as you’re doing it to celebrate your vagina rather than because you’re worried there’s something wrong with yours, then a vagacial can be a good thing.

Just make sure you get it done by a pro. If you’re keen for a vagacial, go to a qualified, certified aesthetician. Getting chemical products on your inner labia can make you susceptible to infections. This is because if there’s broken skin from waxing or shaving, it’s really easy for bacteria to enter your skin and give you STIs such as herpes and HIV. You should also make sure that if your vagacial is going to consist of eliminating ingrown hairs, all the tools are cleaned before they’re used on your most delicate parts.

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