Father And Son Pose Nude Together On OnlyFans But Swear They’ve Never Seen Each Other Naked OnlyFans

Father And Son Pose Nude Together On OnlyFans But Swear They’ve Never Seen Each Other Naked

A father and son who pose nude together on OnlyFans claim to make plenty of money but swear they’ve never seen each other’s private parts. Jake Herbert, 26, started his account several years ago and was making pretty good money on his own – roughly around $9,000 a month. However, it was only when his dad got involved that his profits skyrocketed to more than $40,000 per month. Who knew people would be so into it?

Jake knew he had to do something “next level.” While the money was good on his own, Jake knew that there were plenty of guys stripping down online for cash and that if he really wanted to stand out, he’d have to get creative. “Obviously, I knew that to take this to the next level I had to do something that would get everyone talking,” he told the BBC. “I put a picture of my dad up, just us topless after a workout, and it just went mental.”

The response to their first picture was so good, his dad regularly joined in. While Jake has never publicly named his dad, who still works as a plumber, he did decide to have his father regularly appear in photos as it boosted their cash flow. “He was getting bits of banter and that from where he was working,” Jake said. “And I was like, ‘Look, dad, we just need to make some money. It’s not like we’re doing anything.'”

Jake swears he and his dad haven’t seen each other naked. He told The Tab that they both keep their eyes averted so that they never see one another’s private parts. “We’ve never seen each other naked, the most he’s shown on my page is his a–,” he insisted. “Furthest me and my dad would go is … well, you’ll have to subscribe to see!”

You can follow them both on Twitter here. You know, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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