This Fireplace Skulls Will Complete Your Spooky Halloween Experience

Halloween is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped. I already have my costume picked out, I’m stocking up on fun-size candy as much for myself as it is for trick or treaters, and I’m scouring the internet and party supply stores for cool decorations for the occasion. That’s how I discovered these fireplace skulls that basically make your house (or backyard, if that’s where your fire pit is) look like hell on earth.

Fireplace skulls! How badass is that? Seriously, skulls are basically the ultimate symbol of Halloween, so having one (or multiple of them) in a burning fire just screams horror. Whether you’re planning a haunted house, a Halloween party, or just like freaky decorations, these are basically the best things ever.

It looks even better after being burned. The fireplace skulls come in a couple different colors but all of them look better after they’ve been in the flames. They’re steel reinforced and made with heat ceramic refractory which is apparently used on rockets.

These things are HEAVY. The skulls weigh about 10 pounds each, so keep that in mind when buying. Something tells me if you order 5 or 6 of these at once, you’re going to have trouble picking up the box. However, the fact that they’re so heavy shows what great quality they are.

It basically lasts forever. The heavy-duty materials mean your fireplace skull will be with you forever. One of the reviewers on Amazon said they’ve had theirs in their fireplace for over six months and counting and it was still going strong! While $50 may seem like a lot for a single skull, considering you’ll never have to replace it, I’d say it’s a good investment.

If you love Halloween, this if for you. I mean, do you really need any more convincing?

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