Florida Man Exposed Himself And ‘Waved Penis At Women’ From Boat Deck

Florida Man Exposed Himself And ‘Waved Penis At Women’ From Boat Deck Naples Jail Center

A Florida man was arrested after he repeatedly exposed himself and waved his penis and testicles at women while on a boat. Janser Reyes, 22 and from Lehigh Acres, was on a boat at Hurricane Pass near Keewaydin Island on Saturday, May 29 when the indecent exposure took place, and it wasn’t long before witnesses called police and he was taken into custody, NBC 2 reports.

  1. Needless to say, Reyes was extremely inebriated. According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Reyes was seen by a 51-year-old woman urinating off the boat and then waving his penis and testicles at women in the area. She then contacted officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who got in touch with police.
  2. He didn’t seem to mind if anyone looked. According to the witness, Reyes looked directly at herself and her husband, shook his genitals, and said, “Well, if you’ve got to look then?” After, he walked to the front of the boat and kissed his girlfriend.
  3. He failed multiple sobriety tests. When FWC officers arrived to talk to Reyes, he was at the helm of the boat and failed multiple field sobriety tests. He also refused to take a breathalyzer.
  4. He’s facing some pretty big charges now. He could end up spending time behind bars if convicted of BUI and exposure of sexual organs. He was booked into Naples Jail Center but given the looks of his mugshot, he didn’t seem too bothered about that.


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