This German Woman Is In A Long-Term Relationship With A Plane & It’s Hot And Heavy

It’s hard to find love, so you’d better hold onto it when you find it, even if it comes in rather unconventional forms. For 30-year-old Michele Köbke, her true love presented itself in the form of a Boeing 737-800 aircraft and the two are now in a happy long-term relationship together.

Yes, that’s right, she’s in a relationship with an airplane. “The 737-800 is very attractive and sexy to me. He’s the most beautifully built, and he’s a very attractive and elegant aircraft,” she says of their relationship, which began when she fell in love at first sight five years ago.

She has a nickname for her beau too. Köbke refers to the aircraft as “Schatz,” or “Darling” in English. Isn’t that sweet?

Understandably, she doesn’t get much time with him. As Köbke explains, trying to get up close and personal with a 737 isn’t necessarily easy, and this means they don’t get much quality time together. “I can only get close to him when I fly with him or when I can get to him in the hangar, which has only happened once in my life.”

She’s found a way around having to miss her guy all the time. “I have a big model of him made of fiberglass as well as real components from him so I can act out my love to some degree,” she explained. She even sleeps with the model of the 737 so she can feel close to him.

Yes, the relationship between them is very physical. She has photos of herself kissing and cuddling the Boeing 737, but Köbke, who has objectophilia, doesn’t really see what the big deal is about having sexy times with a giant airplane. “It’s like a normal relationship, we have relaxing evenings together and when we go to bed, we cuddle and fall asleep together,” she said.

The love affair started from her very first flight. When Köbke flew aboard a 737-800 for the first time in March 2014, she knew right away she’d found the one for her. “I got so excited with boarding the plane, I realized I am in love with the 737-800,” she recalled. However, it wasn’t until this year that they got truly up close and personal in an airport hanger. “The first time we really met was the May 1, 2019, I enjoyed every millisecond with him.”

She is SPRUNG off this plane, guys. “My cheeks hurt from smiling, I’m the happiest woman in the world – when I’m with him I have everything I need,” she admits. “When I touch his wings, I get immediately sweaty palms and get excited.”

She wants to get married one day. Köbke says her ultimate dream is to settle down with her beloved even though many people don’t seem to understand their love. “I want to marry my sweetheart and live with him in a hangar – it’s just a special kind of love that doesn’t hurt anybody,” she explained. “I wish it was more accepted in society, there are always people who don’t accept it. I’m simply different and I stand for my love to my 737.” Fair enough!

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