Woman’s Glamorous Hairstyle Goes Viral… But Not In A Good Way

I applaud anyone capable of creating beautiful, intricate hairstyles. I think I’m slick because I can French braid my own hair, but that’s about where my skill set ends. Creating whimsical, Instagram-friendly ‘dos is not my bag, so I’m always amazed when I see them done so perfectly. Unfortunately, some hair designs get attention for all the wrong reasons.


Come on, this looks like a penis. I don’t even think you have to have a dirty mind or be particularly perverse to think that. In fact, I know you don’t—the response to the original Twitter photo, which has 34,000 likes and nearly 11,000 retweets, is pretty obvious. In fact, that’s why the original poster put it out there anyway—this girl has a d*ck design on her head.

I feel kinda bad… Someone obviously put a lot of time and effort into this hairdo and dong-association aside, it actually is really well done. It’s very nuanced and even and sorta Daenerys Targaryen-esque, which maybe was the intention. However, it’s the whole “looking like a dude’s junk” element that I (and everyone else) can’t seem to get past.

Did the hairdresser do this on purpose? I don’t feel like you could create something like this and NOT realize that it looks like erect man parts. Even if the hairdresser didn’t notice it while they were doing it, surely when you stood back to admire your own craft, you’d be like, “Uh… I’ve made a massive mistake here.”

Thankfully, we don’t know who the (un)lucky girl is. It’s probably a good thing that we can’t see her face, because no doubt she’d be the laughing stock of her school and/or workplace, and the internet as a whole. How could you let someone do this to your beautiful, lustrous locks? How could you walk around with a dude’s weiner on your head? It just feels so wrong.

If nothing else, at least we’ve got something to laugh about. The world is a messed up, scary place right now and things seem to be getting worse. Sometimes you just need something stupid and silly like a girl with a penis hairdo to lift your spirits a bit. Is that so wrong?

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