Half-Naked Women Advertise Funeral Service In ‘Tasteless’ Video

A Russian funeral home has taken a somewhat unconventional approach when it comes to advertising their services, using half-nude women to promote final resting ceremonies “for all categories of citizens” on social media. Honorim.ru released a 42-second clip which many are calling “tasteless and offensive,” but many people are pretty intrigued.

  1. It’s quite a suggestive ad. The clip shows lingerie-clad women in stripper heels posing on and around coffins. One of the women even jumps inside and writhes around while another posed sexily with her leg atop the casket. It’s… something else.
  2. Sex sells even in the afterlife, I guess. In a separate part of the ad, one of the women wearing a thong kneeled on top of the casket with her bum in the air while another did a backbend inside of the coffin with one leg in the air. I’m not sure the message it’s trying to convey!
  3. There were some confusing parts of the ad as well. In one section, some pantsless women posed in hoodies, though it’s unclear if they were advertising the clothing or simply standing there.
  4. The video went viral as soon as it was posted on Instagram and TikTok. The company got plenty of comments from people around the world, though most of them were anything but positive. As one commenter wrote: “It’s horrible. They are out of their minds.” Another added: “Isn’t this blasphemy? I think it is.” A third person said: “The real horror is that people have lost all boundaries. The world has gone mad.”
  5. The campaign was created by Honorim.ru’s social media manager. Albert Mazzafarov, 29, and CEO Vasily Lukonikov, 35, came up with the idea, though it’s unclear if anyone will be giving them much applause for their creativity.
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